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Denture Teeth – Artificial Replacements for Your Teeth

A lot of dental diseases and developmental defects of the tooth cause tooth loss and force people to resort to dentures. Not only do dentures help patients chew and speak better, they also boost self-esteem by improving facial appearance.


Denture Teeth - Various Types

Dentures are available in porcelain and plastic models. People who are just missing some of their teeth usually opt for removable partial denture teeth, which are attached to a pink- or gum-colored plastic base held together by metal framework. Fixed partial dentures comprise the crown and bridge, which are fitted into remaining teeth to support the artificial teeth. Complete dentures for patients who are entirely edentulous, or missing all of their teeth. The problem with complete denture teeth is the discomfort when chewing and gagging in patients who are not used to having foreign elements in their mouth. These can be fixed through a series of adjustments days after the dentures are inserted.

Cost of Dentures - Considerations

Some dental insurance plans cover the cost of dentures, but they may not pay for all of the expenses. Prosthodontists normally charge between $500 and $2,500 per upper and lower arch, while cosmetic dentists charge $300 to $1,200 on a per-arch basis. High-end models of artificial teeth that boast functionality and quality cost between $1000 and $5000. Some practices allow patients to order for one jaw at a time to split the cost of dentures and make them more affordable. The warranty period also affects the prices of the prosthetic devices; warranty is shorter for cheaper models. Warranty for a mid-range denture is good for one to two years.

Denture Repairs - Overview

Damaged dentures are given to clinical dental technicians for reparation. They restore cracks or fractures, remove stains and insert strengtheners in the prostheses. Clinical dental technicians can also repair or replace artificial teeth that have completely broken off or whose parts have chipped off. Minimal denture repairs can take hours, but serious damages may take longer to fix. Technicians often make a mold of the mouth in order to fit the dentures before and after fixing them. A non-professional option, denture repair kits, allows patients to fix the damages themselves. However, it risks further damage and could make the artificial teeth totally irreparable or uncomfortable to wear.

Written by Lucy King

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