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DIY Garage – The A-Z of Garage Construction

Regardless of the type of garage construction, when you build a garage by yourself, the overall cost of the project is only half the total cost, when you compare the cost with professional construction companies. Garage construction kit is very handy for self construction.


DIY Garage - Traditional Construction Options

There are many ways for DIY garage construction. Constructing traditional garage is exceedingly easy. The project can be started by first selecting a suitable location for constructing the garage. The ground is then excavated for pouring the foundation and footings. Slab foundation is the crucial step. Placement of anchors for sill plates, plumbing works, HVAC and electrical hook ups in the slab are done at this stage. After placing slabs, you have to build frame walls. Suitably engineered header beams must be utilized over doors and windows. After the frame walls are up, complete them with top, bottom and sill plates followed by centering the beams, rafters, or roof trusses installation. Finally, the roof made of plywood OSB sheeting is laid for the roofing. After the construction dries, windows and doors can be installed. Plumbing and electrical works complete the DIY garage. Exterior and interior finishes are done using OSB sheathing.

Garage Ideas - Creative Innovative Plans

There are several fresh garage ideas and garage concepts for transforming your garage into a uniquely, creative room for storing old items. Plan your garage according to your personal requirements. The size of the storage area and the appearance of the garage wholly depend upon the items that you are planning to store there. Arrange items in the garage neatly that you will find them for your intended use. The main objective of the garage is to keep unwanted items in the garage so that it may be of some use in the future. So, do not throw away things as they are of no use to you presently, instead, arrange them in the garage smartly using practical storage cabinets, etc. Storage cabinets not only save a considerable amount of floor area but also get your garage reachable. You can also create a fascinating and funky look for your garage area using different garage lighting options. Spry painting on the garage walls with different colors is one of the creative garage ideas to provide a fresh feeling in this area.

Garage Construction - Common Mistakes

While planning for garage construction by yourself, make sure that you file all the necessary papers to get the right construction permits from the city officials. If your neighbor has HOA, then it is essential to obtain approval. Also during construction, make sure that the garage walls are constructed deep enough in order to prevent water leakage inside the area due to rain water seepage, or leakage due to damaged basements, etc. Also, make sure that you dig deep around the area and have a contractor to inspect your work to avoid any future damages. Care must also be taken while insulating the rooms and while remodeling the space.

Written by Simon Harris

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