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Dough Maker – Easing Your Cooking Needs

Creating the perfect dough involves heavy physical hand movements. The process can be done by hand, or by using a dough mixer, machine and a kneader.


Dough Maker - Mixes Ingredients Thoroughly

The best breads are produced by the mixing the right ingredients to produce the perfect dough. The flour, water, yeast and shortening are mixed vigorously by an electric mixer, or placed in a dough maker. When using a mixer, the dough has to be transferred to a flat surface so that it can be kneaded by hand. Once it forms a ball it is placed in a mixing bowl and covered with a kitchen towel. The dough is left in a warm place for two hours to allow it to rise. Using a dough maker requires less work. The heat can instantly mix the ingredients. It can knead the dough and allow it to rise.

Dough Machine - Incorporates Air

Bakers who need to make breads in huge quantities can use a dough machine. Available for home or business use, the gadget can produce the dough by simply pushing a single button. Simply put the ingredients in their proper compartment and the dough machine will vigorously produce the dough mixture. It has enough heat to incorporate air allowing the dough to grow twice its size. Most machines come with monitoring panel which indicates the different stages of production. Once it is done, transfer the dough to a flat surface covered with flour. Divide the dough in half and cut according to desired size and bake.

Dough Kneader - For Fluffy Breads

Flour, yeast and water can be mixed evenly using a dough kneader. The process distributes the active yeast, and turns protein to gluten. This enables the dough to stretch and expand. Kneading is initially done by hand, however the process can tiring because it involves forceful pressing, stretching and molding. A dough kneader comes in different forms. It can be an electric mixer with dough hook. Simply put the dough in a bowl and mix away. A food processor with a dough blade can also be used. The movement transforms the wet, soggy mixture into soft dough. It also allows air to enter the small holes so that the bread can be airy and light.

Written by Lucy King

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