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Easter Wreath – Creating Fun and Interesting Festive Decorations

To give your home the festive touch of the Easter season, wreaths can be hung onto the front doors or against the interior walls of your dwelling. This popular garland may be crafted by making use of the brilliant spring colors and other accent items prevalent during the holiday.

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Easter Wreath - Most Common Project Ideas for the Holiday

Some of the widely held wreath crafts that are created during the Easter season are the wicker and floral wreaths. The latter is an Easter wreath that is commonly adorned with colourful spring blossoms, sitting plush bunny figures its bottom, and finally, a pre-made bow or decoration which can then be attached atop the craft. The former, on the other hand, generally employs attractive spring florets such as the jasmine, iris, and hyacinth that are fitted onto a floral base made from foam. It is then embellished with Easter goodies such as eggs and chicks. Another excellent Easter wreath project is the candy wreath, which usually features several candies such as jelly beans as well as malted milk eggs that are glued together to cover the entire border of the wreath.

Grapevine Wreath - Basic Design Tips and Guidelines

In making a grapevine wreath, it is important that the principle of three will be incorporated. The strategy involves visually dividing the wreath into three, placing one floral pick in each part, and then weaving the flower’s stem into the grapevine. This is followed by tying the remaining items in place by making use of a fine gauge wiring, and then adding more floral items in a clockwise manner completely filling the wreath. Three identical wreath sections are then produced with each flowing to the next thereby creating its balanced appearance. For further enhancement, the grapevine wreath can then be illuminated through the use of windinglights, intertwining ribbons or wrapping it with silk flowers.

Egg Wreath - Different Project Ideas

One of the most common Easter decorations is the plastic egg wreath, which can be achieved by painting colourful pull-part eggs made from plastic with puffy paints or adorning it with stickers and glitter glues. This is followed by cutting the heavy-duty paper’s center out to make the wreath base and then gluing onto its perimeter several cut outs of green leaf shapes. Twist ties are then wrapped in between the leaves and the eggs are attached to the wreath by opening the egg halves and then closing them together above the ties. As a finishing touch, a piece of ribbon is then used to hang the craft. The other widely held egg wreath project ideas are the paper wreaths, which can be easily made in just a matter of ten minutes.

Written by Lucy King

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