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Edward Jenner Biography – The Man who Revolutionized the Medical Field

Edward Jenner was an English scientist who ended the worldwide battle against smallpox by introducing a vaccine that spared the lives of millions of people. This breakthrough was beset by challenges, but surgeon persevered till he succeeded.

Edward Jenner BiographyPHOTO BY GLYN BAKER

Edward Jenner Biography - the Experiment that Saved the World

The discovery of the smallpox vaccine highlights the remarkable Edward Jenner biography. Born on May 17, 1749, Berkeley, Gloucestershire in England he started as an apprentice to a surgeon at age 14. He became the student of notable Scottish doctor John Hunterwhen he was 21 and gained further training on experimentation and observation. The Edward Jenner biography relates that he wondered why people stricken by cowpox disease were spared from smallpox. Using a substance taken from fresh cowpox lesions he inoculated a young boy in 1796. The boy had cowpox, and when he recovered, he was inoculated once gain, this time with the smallpox virus. The boy did not catch small pox and this proved his experiment worked. The discovery was met with various challenges but in time the death rate from smallpox fell. He received worldwide recognition and retired from public life in 1815 after the death of his wife. He died in Jan. 26, 1823.

Edward Jenner Smallpox - No Longer a Killer Disease for Children

The success of the Edward Jenner smallpox vaccine was considered a breakthrough in the world of medicine. Before the vaccine, smallpox was considered a killer disease. Most of its victims were infants and young children. Jenner performed the daring experiment on July 1, 1796. Some waited with excitement for the final results while others condemned him for endangering the life of his patient James Phipps. He was offered one hundred thousand pounds in order to keep his discovery a secret. But Jenner was determined to save the world from small pox and so he happily shared his discovery. As a result of Edward Jenner Smallpox breakthrough, the World Health Assembly officially declared " the world and its peoples" free from the disease in 1980.

Edward Jenner for kids - Preliminary Lesson on Medical Science

Conducting a class on Edward Jenner for kids is a good way to introduce the young minds to the concept of vaccination. The heroic life of the famous English surgeon is not only an interesting story for children, it is also a good preliminary lesson on small pox and how it once killed millions of people in Europe. Edward Jenner for children will not only trigger an interest for medical sciences, it will also impart the importance of experimentation, as a channel to discover new medicines that can fight diseases. There are different storybooks on the life of the famous surgeon which can be used for teaching children. After the animated story telling session the students can be asked to draw what they remember most about the inspiring story.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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