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Embroidery Applique – Ideas for the Most Beautiful Designs

Applique embroidery involves cutting pieces of fabrics and stitching the same to another fabric to create beautiful patterns and designs. This form of embroidery has been widely used in creating designs in apparels, bags, wall hangings, crafts etc.


Embroidery Applique - Information and Guidelines

Embroidery applique can be performed by hand or by means of machine. Beginners can use old and useless fabrics to practise the same. Select a simple design or pattern like a flower, star or any other simple pattern with lines and geometric shapes. Draw the pattern on a paper and then cut the design from the paper neatly using a pair of scissors. Then place the paper on the old fabric and cut the fabrics using the paper as base. Neatly cut your design pattern from the fabric and stick it to a piece of stabilizer. Stabilizer acts as a base for embroidery applique and it prevents the applique from tearing. Then you can simply hand stich the appliques to the desired fabrics and tear the excess stabilizer away.

Applique Embroidery Designs - Various Patterns

You can choose from among an array of applique embroidery designs from various websites. You can take a printout of designs and use it as a template. You can applique flower patterns, personalised texts in various fonts etc. on fabrics. You can also make appliques of teddy bears, animals or your child’s favourite cartoon character on their clothes. With gradual practise, you might also be able to applique a whole painting on fabrics and use the same to decorate your rooms. You can also but readymade applique embroidery designs templates. You can either stick it or sew it to your clothes, sheets etc.

Machine Embroidery Applique - Tips

Unlike hand applique, machine embroidery applique is not time consuming and is very simple. You can download simple or complex designs from internet, trace it onto a paper and then to the fabric. Then you cut the same the design from the fabric and applique it to your sheets and clothes. You can also do the same on your old quilts and blankets to give those a new makeover. Beginners should go for simple and easy to use fabrics. However, if you are using thin or slippery fabrics, then place at least 2-3 layers of stabilizers to ease the stitching process and to keep it intact.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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