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Entrance Canopy – Functional and Beautiful Additions at Your Doorways

Installing an entrance canopy is an easy and cost effective means of making a grand statement right at the entrance. These canopies are both beautiful in their designs and highly functional to provide the necessary protection.


Entrance Canopy - World of Advantages in Installing

There are several benefits of installing an entrance canopy that will add to the beauty of the exteriors of your home, office or organization. The contemporary trends in these canopies provide complete solutions that are accurately customized for every building and come in a wide range of materials, colors and finishes to suit the surroundings perfectly. Being freestanding in their concept some of the modern designs of canopies are extremely easy to put and take down with minimal requirements of manpower. The flexibility of the modern synthetic materials permits manufacturing creative shapes that add grace to the entire building. Many organizations are now opting to install a signature entrance canopy for their buildings.

Canopy Walkway - Natural and Artificial Concepts

Inspired by nature’s canopy walkway often found deep inside deep forests, there are modern creations that attempt to recreate that effect at homes and offices using natural trees as well as synthetic construction materials. The most commonly employed material for natural walkways with a covering are the bamboo trees which are flexible enough to be bent on a frame to provide a green tunnel to walk through. Even various types of creepers can be used to make similar walkways being let to twine around a firm frame of steel or wood. Fabrics in combination with steel frames are being used at places where the possibility of planting trees is less. Vinyl sheets and reinforced plastic coverings can be utilized to add designer looks to any canopy walkway that is made for enhancing the environs of modern complexes.

Roof Canopy - How to Make

Making a roof canopy at home is a relatively easy task and can be accomplished in a very short time frame. Firstly four poles will have to be erected by fitting them snugly into flagpole stands and screwing them firmly to ensure strength. Using pole connectors four more poles will have to be assembled into a square that will fit on top of the standing poles. Spread the canvas to be used as the roof on the ground and place the square assembly of poles upside down on the sheet. Tie all the edges of the canvas around the sides of the square securely ensuring that the bottom connecting ports remain open. Now flip the square upside and place it on top of the standing poles connecting them through the connector ports facing downwards.

Written by Lucy King

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