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Euclid Biography – Get to Know the Greek Mathematician and the

A die hard geometrician and intellectual genius, Euclid is one of the greatest mathematicians who revolutionized the subject of Geometry.With his mathematical treatise named Elements, Euclid rose to fame and glory and earned the term, "Father of Geometry."


Euclid Biography - Tale of the Greatest Geometrician

Euclid or more famously known as the ‘Father of Geometry’ is a Greek Mathematician. It is deduced that he was born ca.365BC and died ca.300BC. However there are no written records or facts relating to Euclid’s birth or death and as there is no perfect or official Euclid biography, through the meager references found in the pages of history, one can only conclude that this famous persona flourished during 300BC. Euclid in Greek means ‘good glory’ and is aptly named so, as his written work on Elements, is one of the most important and influential work in the field of Mathematics which gave him immense fame and glory. Once Euclid’s elements were out the whole structure and pattern of mathematics, especially geometry, was changed and within seconds, this genius was recognized and became the Father of Geometry. Many famous artists have painted his portrait, but sadly no one actually knows how he looks and all the kudos go to the artist’s imagination.From the few historical references of 5th and 4th century, found in the works of Porclus and Papus of Alexandria, we can conclude that he was active during the reign of Ptolemy I. In fact, it is said that when King Ptolemy asked Euclid to show an easier way to learn geometry rather than using his elements, Euclid humbly replied that there’s no royal road to geometry. Presumably a prodigy of the famous philosopher and scholar Plato and the mentor of Archemedes, Euclid is a gem of a mathematician and his works are included in student’s texts to teach mathematics and geometry.

Euclid Mathematician - Founder of Elements and Logics

Proclus the famous Greek philosopher in his work mentions Euclid Mathematician and his treatise in mathematics especially geometry. Euclid as a mathematician is best known for his everlasting work the Stoicheia or Elements. Based on previous works of Eudoxus, Pythagoras, Thales, Plato etc, Euclid devised the Elements, the best ever book on Geometry which till the 20th century was used as the standard textbook for studying this fascinating subject. The Elements start with definitions, Euclid’s postulates and common opinions or assumptions, followed by rigorous geometric proof. Euclid brought in the method of exhaustion and reduction ad absurdum and revolutionized the technique of geometric proof.Apart from his famous work in geometry, Euclid is also widely known for his second theorem on prime numbers. In a clear and concise manner, exemplifying his intellectual superiority, Euclid proved that the number of prime numbers is infinite and till date mathematicians are trying to prove him wrong, but in vain. Euclid is also credited for his algorithm on calculating the greatest common divisor of 2 numbers and the proof of Pythagoras Theorem. The various works written on division, properties, perspective and mathematical astronomy give a glimps of this genius and proves that Euclid Mathematician is one of the greatest ever found in the history.

Father Geometry - The Alpha of Precise Geometry

The term Father Geometry was coined for Euclid after reviewing his work ‘Elements’. There were many mathematicians and geometricians before and after Euclid but none of them had the precision, logic and ability to derive perfect conclusions through systematic proofs like him. Euclid’s ‘Element’ was unchallengeable and indisputable and the only standard text available for study of geometry till recent years. Although a new geometric principle and proof is available for studies, Euclid’s geometry is still under keen review and unquestionably the base for any and every modern theorem.Divided into 13 books, the Elements exhaustively deal with Plane Geometry, Ratios and Proportions and Spatial Geometry. With four major axioms and n number of geometric definitions to his credit, Euclid is aptly named Father Geometry as his works have paved the way for the modern science and logic, indirectly helping in the study of mathematics, astronomy, engineering etc.

Written by Simon Harris

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