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Family Fun Crafts that Make Great Accessories and Home Decors

Family fun crafts are a way of spending quality and productive time together with your family. These craft ideas are a inexpensive and easy solution to wade off your boredom.


Family Fun Crafts - Inexpensive and Imaginative

There are many activities that you can try out in your family fun crafts session. These crafts will help in the healthy development of your kid's imagination and will help in making his spare time a productive one. One such craft idea which can be done with a minimum number of supplies is painting. You can paint many things like picture frames, wooden boxes, ceramic plates and mugs. This is a very interesting craft idea which can be done by the whole family. Ornately painted jewelery boxes and picture frames can be also given away as personal gifts. If colors interests you, then you can also try out fabric painting as a family fun crafts idea. You can paint your white tees or shirts in any manner you like. To make it interesting for kids, you can get them to make hand prints on t- shirts. You can also make bracelets and necklaces by stringing together various beads in a colorful and beautiful patterns and finishing it off by knotting the ends of the string together.

Homemade Craft - Nurture Creativity

Homemade craft is easy and fun and can be used to make personalized gifts. Vegetable craft is one such interesting craft idea. You can cut vegetables, paint their edges and make their prints on paper or fabrics. This idea will surely seem appealing to young kids as they are exposed to a variety of colorful patterns. You can also recycle many materials and use them for homemade craft purposes. Metallic lids of soup cans and containers can be painted on or can be decorated by pasting paper cut outs on it. You can very well use these decorated lids as Christmas ornaments or you can attach a magnet to the lid and convert it into beautiful refrigerator magnets.

Yarn Crafts - Fun with Yarn

Another craft idea which is sure to capture the interest of the whole family is yarn crafts. You can encourage children to make their own book marks out of yarn. This can be done by cutting out 2 different colors of yarn in equal lengths and braiding them together. This braided piece of yarn is to be then knotted at both the ends to make a simple and beautiful book mark. You can also make beautiful planters out of old containers by applying yarn craft ideas. Punch a few holes at the bottom of the container, apply a thin layer of glue outside the container and finally cover the container with yarn starting from the top and slowly going down to make a beautiful yarn planter.Photo Source : flickr.com/ella_marie/

Written by Lucy King

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