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Fee Only Financial Planner – Pay Your Consultant only Based on Success

Financial planners play an essential part in planning and managing your financial matters like savings, tax discussions, retirement provisions and more. They can be fee only financial planners or fee based financial planners.


Fee Only Financial Planner - Professional Expertise

Fee only financial planners are paid by the clients, and not compensated through commissions. They either charge the clients a flat fee or an hourly rate, without fetching any benefits out of the advice provided. The fee only financial planning reduces the possibilities of conflicts of interest between the client and the advisor, and the advisor is not obliged to the investments, insurance firms and financial companies.The fee only financial planner designs an investment portfolio to educate the client on the short term and long term benefits of investment, provide performance reports on a timely manner, and update the clients with the latest financial market news.Before fixing on one, do a thorough research and get referrals from friends and colleagues to get the service of professionally certified financial planners with respected designations.

Financil Advisor Fees - Choose the Right Payout

Financial advisor fees are calculated either as a percentage of the account basis or commission basis. These differ from advisor to advisor. While calculating on account basis, the fee increases or decreases depending based on the account performance. Some financial advisors receive commissions from the investment companies for the insurance or investment products purchased by the clients, and some  receive a combination of both commission and fees. Some financial advisors calculate the fee as hourly rates based on their hourly services to the clients, and some opt for a flat fee on completed projects.Those seeking financial advisor assistance continuously would fix on an annual or quarterly payment as financial advisor fees. In the United States, the average salary of personal financial advisors start at $30,000 for beginners, and go up to $150,000 for those with 20 years of experience. Associate financial advisors with the same experience levels get an average payout of $70,000.

Financial Planner Fee - Smart Payment Methods

A financial planner’s job can be a little more complex than that of a financial advisor. Financial planner fee is also similar to the financial advisor fee criteria. Depending on the complexity of the plan selected, and the detailing it requires, the financial planner fee is calculated. They are paid on commission basis, account value basis, hourly rate basis, a flat fee basis or periodic retainer fee basis.No matter what method you choose to pay the financial planner, having a trusted financial planner would ensure you of less complicated financial investments.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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