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Feng Shui Decorating – Ideal for Homes and Offices

Feng Shui decorating has gained a lot of prominence over the past few years. People use Feng Shui to help tap the positive energy and block the negative ones.

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Feng Shui Decorating - Importance of Energy and Colors

Feng Shui helps in creating a harmonious environment for homes and offices, filled with positive energy. The first step towards Feng Shui decorating is removing old energy and bringing in the new energy by removing clutter and creating ample space where energy can flow seamlessly. Therefore, old newspapers, furniture, clothes, etc., which are no longer in use should be disposed off. Main entrance of the premises should be kept clean and clutter free and small plants can be kept along the path to bring the positive energy inside. Colors hold great importance in Feng Shui decorating, especially colors like red, green and blue. Red is the symbol of good luck and luxury, blue is a calm and soothing color, while green symbolizes fresh energy and beginnings.

Feng Shui Kitchen - Tips for Decorating

A Feng Shui kitchen is said to be a symbol of health and prosperity. Placement of the stove or burners in the kitchen should be in such a way that while standing at the burners, the kitchen door should be visible without having to turn around. In many houses however, the burners are placed towards the wall; in such cases a mirror can be placed in front of the burners so that the door becomes visible. A Feng Shui kitchen should always be clutter free and not overcrowded with unnecessary gadgets and utensils. Sharp things like knives and scissors should be kept inside closets or drawers and not outside on the counters.

Feng Shui Bathroom - Guidelines for Decoration

Bathrooms are used for cleansing; hence, a Feng Shui bathroom should always be kept neat and clean. It should be ensured that plumbing fixtures are kept in good order as dripping taps, showers, etc., imply wastage of money. As per the elementary Feng Shui principle of keeping spaces clutter free, bathrooms should not be stacked with finished or unused bottles of shampoos, creams, etc. To enhance positive energy, bathrooms should be well lit and decorated by using candles, aroma oils and bamboo luck pots. The toilet seat should be kept closed when not in use. Similarly dustbins and drains should also be kept covered.

Written by Troy Nelson

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