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Feng Shui Home – Spatial Arrangements at Home According to Flow of Energy

With a spiritual approach to the architecture and interior design of a house, Feng Shui concepts are many. From creating house plant to the interior decoration of the house, there are certain Fen Shui principles that people have tried and succeeded, owing to the growing popularity of Fen Shui.


Feng Shui Home - Creating the Presence of Energy Around

The Feng Shui principles, upon practicing, are bound to bring in fresh “chi”, as called by the Chinese. According to the concepts for Feng Shui home, there must be only one entryway to homes, and not more. Dark and monotone colors must be avoided while painting the houses. There must be plenty of sunlight and flow or fresh air inside the house, and lot of plants around the house ensures more circulation of energy inside the house. There must be no overhead beams inside the houses, and if any, no furniture must be placed right below the beam. The house must be always kept clean and clutter free for a Feng Shui home with positive energy. The principles vary for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and dining rooms.

Feng Shui Living Room - Positive Energy in the Parlor

To bring in Feng Shui living room concepts, there are certain rules according to these Chinese philosophies that one must follow. According to Feng Shui, the living room must be in the ground floor. It must be positioned quite away from the main entrance. A door or doorway on the left hand corner of the living room indicates gradual financial loss. The placement of furniture must be in such a way that the chairs or sofas must not face each other that suppresses the flow of energy. Moreover, the furniture must be placed in such a way that there is easy movement for people to walk. They must not be positioned in a way that the people sitting on them do not have to face the front door. The couches and the chairs must be positioned with their backs to the wall. In addition, no couch or chair must be positioned under a beam, as it induces pressure on the head of the family. Placing fresh flowers bring in more positive energy according to Feng Shui living room. Colors play a vital role, and brown or yellow shades for the living room are great according to Feng Shui. The colors must be chosen according to the positioning of the living room, and adhering to these concepts, you can bring in success, financial prosperity, fame and power among the family members.

Bedroom Feng Shui - Inviting the Flow of Fresh Chi

Feng shui principles are given most importance in bedrooms, where the most energy is required. The placement of the bed, the sleeping position, position of bathrooms, arrangement of dress tables and mirrors, placement and arrangement of decors, all play a vital role in bringing positive effects to lives, according to Feng Shui. There are certain bedroom feng shui factors that adhere to bringing positive energies in bedrooms.Avoid underneath bed storages, as being open below, there will be a good flow of energy. The beds must not be too close to the floor. Moreover, the bed must be seen from the bedroom door, and that it must be accessible from either side to create a balance in the sleeping zone for couples. There should be nothing above the beds, and that the bed should not face a mirror. Fresh flowers are a great choice for bedrooms, and dried flowers must be avoided. The bathroom door must be closed at all times, and the room must be dust free to prevent energy from leaving the room. Bunk beds must be avoided. Water features like fountains must be kept away from the bedrooms. For information of bedroom Feng Shui colors and other concepts, a Feng Shui consultant can be approached.Photo Source : flickr.com/avenefica/

Written by Dennis Patterson

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