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Filing Tax Return – How to Report Tax Liabilities to the Government on Time

It is possible to file your taxes as early as January once you receive your W2 from your organization and 1099s from your investments. IRS is willing to take your return file as soon as January. This saves your time and IRS can process your files more quickly.


Filing Tax Returns-Check for Common Mistakes

Many mistakes are encountered while filing tax returns. Check whether you have claimed for all the dependants. Mention your double checked social security number in all the pages. If you are a single, having a dependant living with you, see if you qualify for the lower tax rates that are available for the head of the house hold. Check if all the Bs copy of your W-2 forms is attached with your return file. Check whether W-2 forms and Form 1099s are correct. Be sure to sign and date the return and indicate your career. Filing tax returns mistakes can be avoided when it is done with patience.

Individual Tax Return- Calendar for Return Filers

Fifteenth of January is the deadline for filing your fourth quarter estimated individual tax return. However, this tax return deadline can be skipped without paying any penalties if the whole, individual tax return is filed before 1st of February. February 1 is respected as the employees have to give all the tax return by sending W2 individual tax return forms. February 16 is the tax return deadline for those who want to claim exemption under a new form W4. March is vital for farmers and fisherman. March 16 is the deadline for filing corporate tax returns. Finally, April 15 is the final deadline for filing form 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ.

Pay Tax Online-Easy Individual Tax Return

The individual tax payers can pay tax with or without paper. You can pay tax online through improved use of technologies like E- Filing, online tax payment, digital signature etc. The net banking through authorized banks across the country helps to pay tax online. You can also check whether the tax amount has reached the IT department through the Tax Information website. Click the CIN alcove and provide all the details of the generated receipt that is provided during online tax payment. Using credit card to pay tax online saves time as well as energy for the tax payers.Photo Source :

Written by Jerry Fulton

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