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Floaters in Eye – Causing Disruption to Your Field of Vision

Eye floaters are protein deposits of various shapes and sizes, which are present in the vitreous humour of the eye. This condition is usually seen in elderly people and one can effectively deal with them by following many remedies.

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Floaters in Eye - The Vitreous Humour Deposits

Floaters in eye can be seen as a thread like structures or tiny spots in your field of vision. The floaters can appear in one eye or both the eyes, and are usually seen to follow the rapid movements of the eyes. The deposits present in the eye cast a shadow in the retinal region, which is perceived as eye floaters by the patient. These eye deposits are usually harmless and are most noticeable when one looks directly at light surfaces like a clear sky or a white computer screen. Unlike eye flashes, floaters in eye cannot be observed in a dark background or with the eyes closed. But in case you see floaters all the time and also experience an increase in their number, then it could be a sign of more serious conditions like retinal detachment and presence of tear in the retina. If so, then do immediately consult a physician as lack of timely treatment can affect your vision in a serious manner.

Eye Floaters Causes - Know the Reasons

The change in the gel like consistency of the vitrous humour, will lead to the formation of small liquid packets in the vitreous jelly. This is considered to be a major reason behind the formation of eye floaters in elderly people. The thickening of collagen fibers present in the eyes are also considered to be one of the main eye floaters causes. This condition can also result as an unwanted complication of a cataract surgery. People suffering from diabetes and eye inflammations are also very much prone to develop the condition of eye floaters. Medical conditions like lymphoma and leukemia are seen to be the major eye floaters causes in young people. This condition can also occur to a person who experiences an eye trauma, like a sudden and unexpected blow to the eye.

Eye Floaters Treatment - The Remedies

In case the condition of eye floaters are severe, then the doctor will perform a vitrectomy procedure, where the vitreous humour will be replaced with an inert substance. Otherwise, one will be asked to follow certain eye relaxation therapies and make some modifications in their diet, as a method of eye floaters treatment. One such relaxation therapy suggests that you rub both your palms together, so as to produce natural heat and place them atop your eyes for about 10 seconds. One can also have herbal supplements like ginger and licorice, in order to clear out the eye deposits. Having foods that are rich in antioxidants and drinking plenty of green tea and water are the dietary solutions that should be followed to treat eye floaters.

Written by Simon Harris

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