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Frame Ideas – Creative Concepts in Making Picture Frames

One of the best ideas for home decors, picture and photo framing, is a great gifting solution too. Though there are many frame ideas, you can innovate new concepts to frame pictures and photos, and bring back memories to life.


Frame Ideas - Beautiful Structures to Support Pictures

The most common and the sought after framing ideas are collage, scraping, and the simple framing method. Collages make possible the framing of many pictures in one single frame. This makes a cool picture frame idea, and is of high demand among people of all age groups. Another most popular idea is the scraping of photos, wherein a small photo is framed into a regular frame and the rest of the space around the photo can be used to scribble what you and others feel about the picture. This is one cool option to revive old memories associated with the photos. One of the other great picture frame ideas is the retro way, wherein old playing records can be used to stick photographs created in gray shades. These can be arranged on the walls to form great wall decors.In addition to these, there are certain unique frame ideas that can be incorporated into picture framing like the egg omelet and the jig saw puzzle ideas.

Wooden Frames - Creative and Crafty

As wood is strong and durable, wooden frames are of great demand. They come in many colors and textures, and the most common ones are red oak, green bamboo, and the gray pine. There are uncolored wooden picture frames that give a natural look. The best thing about wooden photo frames is that, they can be carved to achieve the design of your choice, or even your messages can be carved onto them for personalizing the frames. There are certain online stores that have great wooden picture frames already with creative artworks and encourage you to customize frames to suit your preferences. The wooden frames can also be made on your own with a few supplies at home.

Antique Frames - Perfect Re-creations

Though antique frames are being re-created, there are certain companies and stores that sell the authentic antique picture frames, both online and through retail stores. Photoframeplus.com is one of the online sites for buying antique picture frames. In addition, thrift and antique stores can also be consulted for great antique frames. Gold and metal frames are most common among the antique picture frames. Apart from that, there are oval and wooden frames that were very common in the sixties.Photo Source : flickr.com/gldahl43/

Written by Simon Harris

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