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French Décor – Country and Contemporary Designs to Adorn Your Homes

French decorations have always been respected for its inherent sophisticated taste in all aesthetic canvas. In fact, their home interiors are particularly bold and fashionable, especially the country style. It highlights rustic finishes and can be dramatically embellished through the artistic use of various colors, contrasts and textures.


French Décor - Stunning Touch of French Interiors

Some of the common architectural elements involved in French décor are the exquisite details of crown and cornice moldings, pediments and pilasters, elevated wall panels, mullioned door, as well as casement windows. The flooring is made attractive through the use of luminous hardwoods or serene expanse of stylish marbles.The color schemes typically vary but the popular combinations utilized are the classical hues of black and white, and other pale palettes of cream, pale yellow, light gray, and French blue. For deeper shades, combinations of deep rose and red or bottle green and ochre are ideal. The French décor lightings include the chandeliers, candelabra, and wall sconces to evoke the historical accent, while the details involve the mixing sleek mirrored finishes to ornate gilts, ormolu and carvings.

French Design - Striking Country Style Decoration

The key in coming up with a country style French design is natural surfaces, which can be accomplished by featuring a stone fireplace, and by adding various wall color combinations, texture and patterns to display that old-world refinement. Accent walls in cornflower blue or persimmon orange matched with antique white trims are great for the walls, while wooden farmhouse floorboards or slightly stained hardwoods are excellent for its flooring.In terms of furnishing, the French design that showcases the country ambiance commonly needs heirlooms, cast-offs, and other odd and repurposed materials to reveal that eclectic yet alluring environment. Oriental rugs may be paired with a vintage couch, while dining area may incorporate old farm tables and wooden chairs. Bedrooms, on the other hand, may employ wrought-iron bed frames. Finally, accessories typically favored include vintage glasses and other containers, hanging plants by the doorways, as well as paintings that illustrate the French landscape.

French Decorating - Ideas for Enhancement

The walls can be specifically adorned with different interesting art pieces such as old pictures, vintage photo frames, and original French plates as well as paintings. This can be further accentuated when complemented with neutral color palettes like sepia-toned photos, a paper collage, or a wooden board showing an inimitable ornament. Moreover, some of the French decorating bedroom ideas include the use of old vintage fabrics or velvets for the headboards, and decorating the wall with the country’s iconic images, famous streets, or interesting French words. The living room, on the other hand, can be enhanced with French decorations through the use of neutrally colored slipcovers for the chairs and sofas. Stripes and solid colors can also be employed to beautify the quilts and cushions. Different color schemes may be further utilized to set the mood of the room.

Written by Lucy King

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