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French Pottery – Earthenware with a Classic Touch

The French pottery is a perfect example for the superior craftsmanship behind it. These items are perfect for any room including the living room, dining room, kitchen, etc., with their decorative style.


French Pottery - Adding Beauty to Interiors

You are able to give a personal touch to each and every room in your home using the French pottery. Generally, kitchen is considered as the central part of any home, and you can make it even more attractive using decorative items like the one mentioned above. The bowls and pitches designed in French style can be used in different places. Further, the designs from French pottery can be emulated in the entire decorative pattern. Decorated pots are ideal for shelves as well as counter tops. The lids themselves can present a unique look when compared to the plastic or traditional canisters. Some jugs can be used as vases for freshly cut flowers. The outdoor patios could also be decorated using French design and style.

French Porcelain - Get More Information

Porcelain was an unknown commodity in France during the 17th century. There were many Japanese and Chinese creations in aristocratic and royal collections. However, since these items were expensive, they were owned only by the higher strata of society. A tin-glazed earthenware known as faience was the most common variety of ceramic available in France in those days. The first French porcelain was manufactured at the faience factories. As a result of some experiments conducted in a Rouen faience factory, the first of the soft-paste porcelain was developed in France. The French porcelain manufactured during this period was some kind of artificial porcelain, which lacked the contents of the authentic hard-paste porcelain. The hard-paste variety of porcelain was developed only after the second half of the 18th century following the discovery of one of the key ingredients, Kaolin.

French Plates - Interesting Facts

There are different kinds of French plates available today in a wide range of designs. Among these, the handmade plates are particularly beautiful. These types of plates are ideal for serving tossed salad, pasta, etc. There is a huge amount of selection available in dinner plates as well, and these items are used for serving dinner, buffets, entrees, and so on. Many online stores market decorative plates from France. Some of these include Black & White Decorative Dishes Plates, Country French Decorative Plates Dishes, Shabby Cottage Nursery Chic Roses Plates Dishes, Majolica or Textured Decorative Dishes Plates, the French Bee Dinner Plates, and the like.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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