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Geologist Jobs – Shape up a Career in Earth Science and Earn with Experience

Huge employment opportunities, lucrative salary and a chance to travel around the world, a career in Geology is a rewarding and sensible decision for students who love the earth science.


Geologist Jobs - Get Paid to Study the Earth

Geology is an earth science which studies earths formation, substance and matter i.e. both solid and liquid, climatic conditions etc; one of the rare fields where you get paid to travel around the world. Specializations are available in the numerous branches of geology like paleontology, economic, mining and petroleum geology, geological modelling, hydrology, mineralogy etc. The geologist jobs require extensive travelling, field work and research, although many geologists have maintained a successful career by carrying out the research work in their laboratories and giving specialization lectures in their classrooms. The best part of the geologist jobs is that, you get acquainted with the ultra modern gadgets and latest technologies, as a part of your work. This field is heaven for the campers and the outdoor adventurers.

Geologist Salary - Colorful and Lucrative Packages

Geology being an upcoming and complex branch of science, the demand for geologists is very high. Due to the increasing importance of minerals and natural resources and the change in our attitude towards our environment, geologists are high in demand and hence a geologist salary is a colorful and lucrative package. The industry saw a 5% rise this year in the geologist salary. On an average, the starting salary of a geologist is $32,000 to $40,000, excluding bonus, employee benefits, allowance and travelling expenses. Although a lot depends on one's education qualifications , specialization and research work, an experienced geologist with 5 years or more experience in field work draws a salary of $45,000 to $55,000 which goes up to $90,000 per year with 15 years experience and more.

Professional Geologist - Foundations for a Bright Future

Geology is a wide branch of science, which when combined with other disciplines like chemistry, physics, engineering etc brings out numerous colorful opportunities. Hired by government agencies, scientific institutions, consulting firms, engineering and mining companies, universities etc, a geologist has a wide variety of employment opprtunities to choose from. Hence one can always find professional geologist from diverse backgrounds. Start out with a 4 year bachelors degree in geology, which with the help of furthur specialization and research can be easily pursued into the masters degree. A Phd in geology would be crown jewel for an academic career.The rising demand for petroleum and oil, and the growing concern for our planet and its environment guarantee a bright future for a professional geologist.Photo Source :

Written by Simon Harris

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