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Ginger Rogers Biography – The Beautiful Actress of the Yesteryears

Academy Award winning actress Ginger Rogers is an American screen legend. Known for her acting, singing and dancing skills, her on-screen chemistry with Fred Astaire is remembered till today.

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Ginger Rogers Biography - Journey to Stardom

Ginger Rogers biography begins with the birth of Virginia (Ginger) Katherine McMath on July 16, 1911 in Missouri. Ginger’ parents separated soon after her birth and the actress stayed with her mother. Ginger’s mother wrote scripts for Hollywood films and after getting married for the second time, started working as a theater critic for a newspaper. Ginger decided to take her stepfather’s name and became Ginger Rogers. Due to her mother’s work, Rogers spent a lot of time at theaters watching plays and soon learnt to sing and dance. At the age of 17, Rogers married Jack Culpepper, a singer, dancer and comedian. The marriage lasted only a few months during which they formed a vaudeville act called ‘Ginger and Pepper’. Rogers then moved to New York City and in 1929 made her Broadway debut with the musical ‘Top Speed’. Soon after she was signed for another Broadway production ‘Girl Crazy’ and the play made her a star. In 1930, 19 year old Rogers was signed by Paramount Pictures to act in their films. Rogers worked in many successful films through her career like ‘Primrose Path’, ‘Stage Door’, ‘Bachelor Mother’ and ‘Tom, Dick and Harry’. Ginger Rogers biography will be incomplete without a mention of her Academy Award winning performance in the film ‘Kitty Foyle’ in 1940.

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - Golden Couple

During the 1930s, the pairing of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers became very popular. Astaire and Rogers worked together in ten musicals and set high standards for others to follow with their exceptional singing, dancing and acting skills. Rogers was considered to be the best dancing partner for Astaire; songs were recorded specially for the pair by the greatest music composers. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers first came together in the 1933 film ‘Flying Down to Rio’. Their other successful films include ‘Roberta’, ‘Top Hat’, ‘Swing Time’ and ‘Shall We Dance’. Their last film together was released in 1949, ‘The Barkleys of Broadway’.

Ginger Rogers at 92 - Fictional Video

Rogers died on April 25, 1995 due to congestive heart failure; she was 83. Although she was married five times, she had no children. In 2007, a viral video ‘Ginger Rogers at 92’ started doing rounds. The video showed an old lady dancing salsa with a younger man. It was claimed that the lady in the video was Rogers, aged 92, dancing with her 29 year old great-grandson. This information was obviously found to be false. It is said that the lady in the video is a 75 year old British woman who had taken salsa lessons and is dancing with her dance instructor in the video.

Written by Melanie Gray

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