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Glass Arts – Decorative Work in Glass Pieces

Artists continue to explore the versatility of glass by turning it into colorful display pieces. Stylish glass works are also significant components of modern design.


Glass Arts - Colorful Transparent Renditions

Artistic creations on hard crystals are known as glass arts. Works can come in the form of paintings, sculptures, installations or panels that are decoratively carved, engraved, frosted or etched. Expressions in glass arts include monumental structures like the installation “La Cascade” by Steve Tubin. Made of glass capillary tubes the entire work measures 20 by 20 by 80 feet and was exhibited at L’Espace Duchamp Villon, Rouen in France. Artistically designed glass panels are interesting accents of modern architectural structures. At the home front, smaller glass sculptures enhance interiors in avant garde themes, while glass painting skills are utilized to produce stunning wall décor, and unique gift items.

Glass Décor - Stylish and Modern

Clear crystal pieces can be transformed to create glass décor. The stylish accents are in the form of vases, figurines, abstract works, bowls and other types display products in various colors and sizes. The versatility of glass décor can be seen in the simplest Christmas ornament to biggest and most colorful museum ensemble. Works can even be custom-made to suit specific needs. Designers highly recommend multi-colored Murano glass pieces for homes with modern interiors. Located in Venice, Italy the city is known for the exceptional skills of its glass makers. Among the famous glass brands in Murano are Venini, Salviati, Barovier & Toso, Pauly, Seguso, Simone Cenedese and many more.

Glass Artwork - Unique Creative Expressions

Paintings on crystal sheets and glass jewelry-making are other forms of creative glass artwork. In glass painting, the design is drawn on the surface with an outliner followed by the application of different colors. A variation of this method involves painting the image one side, while using the opposite side for viewing. Another interesting glass artwork is jewelry-making. Wrap the wire around the selected glass piece. The wire must be long enough to safely hold the glass. Make a loop using the wire, twisting it several times until it is secure. Allow a chain to pass through the loop and wear the piece around your neck.

Written by Lucy King

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