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Goji Berry Benefits – The Medicinal and Culinary Uses

Goji berry, a red colored berry that looks like a red raisin, is one of the fruits that have many health benefits. Also known as Fructus lycii, gou qi zi, wolfberry and Lycium barbarum, this berry is widely used for different culinary and medical purposes.


Goji Berry Benefits in Nutrition and Health

One of goji berry benefits is its high amount of carotenoids that are important in keeping the eyes healthy. Other benefits include its ability to reverse the process of aging and weight loss. Added to the list of goji berry benefits are its properties to help in treating stomach, kidney and liver disorders as well as improving a number of health conditions. Furthermore, the polysaccharides found in goji berries assist and stimulate the pituitary gland to release human growth hormone. Also included to the goji berry benefits list are its high amount of different vitamins and minerals that are all helpful to have a healthy body.

Goji Berry Juice for Healthy Body

Goji berries are useful in improving sexual function and fertility, making the immune system strong, and preventing tiredness and fatigue as well as in relieving insomnia and headaches. The juice form of these berries is also proven to provide a number of health benefits. One of the primary benefits of goji berry juice is its ability to function as an anti-coagulant. Studies also show that this juice has the capacity to aid in the reduction of cholesterol and blood pressure and contains high amount of antioxidants and vitamins that are crucial in preventing cancers and heart diseases. Similarly, goji berry juice has Anthocyanins and Cyperone that are both significant in treating cervical cancer. You can either buy the juice or purchase the berries and juice them by yourself.

Dried Goji Berries - Other Functions and Uses

Outside production regions, goji berries are almost not available in their fresh form and instead are purchased in small packages and open boxes in their dried form. Dried goji berries also provide a number of different benefits. They are frequently added to almond jelly and rice congeee. Similarly, they are used as flavoring in various meals and utilized in Chinese tonic soups, in combination with vegetables, pork or chicken, and other herbs like Codonopsis pilosula, Astragalus membranaceus and wild yam. Consuming dried goji berries also help in making your teeth and gums healthy and strong. Furthermore, this form of berries has 18 different amino acids that are all crucial to the body.

Written by Troy Nelson

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