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Hand Painted Pottery – Featuring Your Favorite Designs and Pictures

Hand painted pottery can immortalize a favorite picture or contain a memorable design. Such designs can come from the most mundane things or even one's experiences in life.


Hand Painted Pottery - Preserving for Posterity

There are many uses for hand painted pottery. They can be used as serving or soap dishes, decoration, jewelry or coin holders, tea bag caddies, spoon rests, condiment bowls, mini-crocks, cups, vases, party favors and many other purposes. Hand painted pottery is produced with several kinds of clay or porcelain. Porcelain is a sensitive material which may crack when drying and shrinks at about 14% from its original size. For a smooth surface that is easy to paint on, the surface is smoothened with sandpaper after it is trimmed and dried. For the underglazes to be painted uniformly, the surface should have no lumps or scrapes. The pots are ready to be painted when they have been fired once to strengthen them.

Pottery Artists - Achieving Artistic Objective

Many pottery artists use a specific technique in achieving the kind and quality of color that they want. Perfect timing in removing the pot from the kiln as well as reaching the perfect temperature is needed. Chemicals, such as ferric chloride, are sprayed on a strengthened pot so that they can be handled while being treated. Wind and other conditions also have to be considered in making them. The pot's character is also attained by the variables involved in the firing process. These are the many challenges pottery artists face but they are the same challenges that inspire them to overcome and create beautiful masterpieces.

Pottery Makers - Developing the Craft

The craft of pottery making usually develops in an environment which is conducive to such craft. The availability of an important resource like fine grade clay is essential. The quality of clay coupled with the artistry and craftsmanship of pottery makers make for a product which is sought after by collectors and pottery enthusiasts alike. They have a passion for forming a piece of earth into an object which delights the eyes. They employ various themes and patterns in their design as well as different techniques in glazing, to bring out the rich color they intend. Pottery makers may produce pots which depict scenes from ordinary life. Their products may garner hundreds of dollars due to the intricacies involved in making them.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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