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Harriet Tubman Biography – A Famous Abolitionist During the American Civil War

Harriet Tubman biography is on a famous African-American abolitionist and Union spy and the critical role she performed to rescue slaves through the Underground Railway. She also put an end to women’s suffrage and is an important name to reckon during the Civil War times.

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Harriet Tubman Biography - Early Years and Accomplishments

Harriet and her parents were slaves. Harriet’s mother was owned by Mary Pattison Brodess and subsequently by her son Edward. Her father was owned by Mary’s second husband Anthony Thompson. Harriet Tubman biography focuses on injustice to slaves much before her birth. Born in 1820 in Dorchester County Maryland, Harriet was nicknamed Minty. As a slave, she went to work in the fields where she sustained a severe head injury when she was hit on the head by an overseer for helping a slave. Harriet worked as a nurse, maid, cook and even as a woodcutter from the age of five. Despite hardships inflicted upon her, she accomplished to escape in 1849 from a plantation. She took up small jobs to earn money for planning rescue trips and worked with abolitionist organizations and Underground Railroad organizers to rescue slaves from South and head them to freedom in the North. Harriet Tubman biography is of an American hero who was a scout and spy of the Union Army during the Civil War and continued to transition slaves from bondage to freedom.

Harriet Tubman Facts - Interesting Facts on Bravery

Although Harriet was born a slave and worked with different owners and varied jobs from the age of five; she summoned all the courage and confidence to be responsible for abolishment of slavery. Harriet Tubman facts record her attempts to rescue slaves using the Underground Railroad. Biographers indicate that she must have drawn inspiration from her mother to undertake such risky operations. Her brain injury resulted in narcoleptic seizures or sleeping spells. Her illness in 1849 did not just bring her value down as a slave but also served as an opportunity to find the escape route. Harriet Tubman facts also record her valorous service with the Union Army during the Civil War. Harriet married again in 1869 and adopted a girl named Gertie. She never had children of her own.

Harriet Tubman Timeline - Significant Dates to Remember

Harriet parents’ married in 1808 and had nine children between 1808 and 1832. Harriet’s birth year is known to be 1820 and marks the commencement of Harriet Tubman timeline. In 1826, Harriet was hired by Miss Susan as a nursemaid and subsequently by James Cook, a planter. She underwent physical abuse from both owners. In 1844, Harriet married a free black man. She fell ill in 1849 and escaped from slavery. In 1850, Fugitive Slave Law was passed by the US Congress imposing heavy fines and severe punishments to those who did not obey the law. She made use of the Underground Railroad for eight years to rescue many slaves and allowed them to escape from slavery. Abraham Lincoln was elected US President in 1861 and the year also marks the beginning of civil war. Four years later, with the ending of civil war and assassination of Lincoln, the 13th amendment to the Constitution abolished slavery. Her biography was written and published in 1869 by Sarah H. Bradford. Harriet died of pneumonia in 1913.

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