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Holidays in Rome – Traversing the Roman Catholic Leadership

Roman holidays entail a fascinating tour of this leading city of Roman Catholicism in the world. The city of Rome is marked by a rich historical and cultural heritage and is a renowned international tourist destination.


Holidays in Rome - Fun Things to Do

Nothing can be better than spending a holiday on the scenic Italian capital of Rome. One of the best ways by which you can spend your holidays in rome is to go sightseeing. You could travel to the Colle Opio. Here you will get a breathtaking view of the Roman Coliseum. Thereafter, you can view the insides of this magnificent Coliseum. You could also spend your holidays in rome by visiting the early Christian catacombs. These are underground fountains and crypts which will provide you with an excellent idea of what Christianity was like during the earlier days. You can follow this visit with a trip to the Borghese Museum and Gallery.

Trip to Rome - The Best Time to Visit

Rome is one of the most important centers of Renaissance in Italy. If you wish to undertake a trip to rome then you should avoid doing so in the months of July as well as August. This is the time when the city experiences very high temperature that can reach a sweltering eighty seven degrees. In the month of August, the city of Rome closes down and most of the residents go on a vacation, usually to the coastal areas to flee from the terrible heat. The best time when you can make a trip to Rome would be the months between April and June and from the end of the month of September to the month of October.

Rome Vacations - Popular Attractions

The city of Rome is filled with ancient as well as medieval sights. Your Rome vacations would be incomplete without a visit to Vatican City along with its array of Roman Catholic museums. There are ancient Roman remains in the city such as the Roman Forum, the Pantheon and the Caracalla Baths. The Rome vacations should also include a visit to the St. Peter’s Basilica and the Sistine Chapel designed by the renowned architect Michelangelo. The church of St. Peter’s Basilica is regarded as the largest church in the world. The Sistine Chapel is located in Apostolic Palace, which is the official residence of the Pope.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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