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Home Improvement Tax – Learn How to Get Income Tax Relief

Applying for the home improvement tax credit is one of the surest means of getting reduction in actual tax payable and increase in the net tax refunds. These tax benefits are available for loans availed by an individual for the purpose of renovating or repairing a home.

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Home Improvement Tax - Qualifying for the Rebate

The policy of providing relief in case of home improvement tax is a wonderful opportunity for everyone, since it helps the individual in improving living conditions, while also supporting the government in increasing activity in the construction sector, which is need of a boost after the recession. These works can include essential repairs undertaken to make the house safer and livable for the dwellers or renovations that are carried out with the purpose of enhancing the market value of the property. Works that qualify for these kinds of tax relief are those which improve the energy efficiency, provide better heating or cooling systems, better air filtration or those required to cater for certain ailments and disabilities of the occupants. However in order to receive the benefits of the home improvement tax policies one needs to first qualify for a credit from an institutionalized lender.

Home Renovation Tax - Ideas to Save More

There are various types of works, which are authorized to receive rebate under the home renovation tax act, but the amount of rebate varies as per the exact nature of works undertaken. There are certain renovation works, which can fetch you up to 30% rebate in the taxes while the others are eligible for much lesser reductions. These works are related to those fields where the government is trying to encourage people into using alternate energy sources and increase energy efficiency. Geothermal heat pumps, small wind turbines, solar panels for lighting, solar water heaters and energy efficient heating and cooling systems are some of the main works that come under this category. The home renovation tax rebate in these cases is provided for both the installation as well as equipment cost of the systems.

Improvement Tax Credit - Calculations

The Internal Revenue System (IRS) has made quite stringent guidelines for the eligibility of improvement tax credit for the tax payers. The tax credit that is available is similar to those applicable to home loans. The total amount spent for the renovation and home improvement works is considered for the purpose of calculating the rebate. In certain cases like energy efficient window, doors and insulation works the rebate is 30% of the total cost or $1500 whichever is less. However for installing alternate energy sourcing works such as installation of solar panels the rebate could be 30% of the total cost without any upper limit.

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