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How to Replace Kitchen Sinks

Kitchen sinks come with different functions and designs, and being one of the most used fixtures inside the kitchen, they might lose their elegance or undergo wear and tear, which needs immediate replacement. With a few tools and expertise, the old sink can be efficiently replaced with a new one.


Kitchen Sinks - Removing and Replacing

While buying a new sink, it must have the same dimensions of the old sink and that the new one blends well with your kitchen countertop. Without hiring a plumber, you can replace the kitchen sinks with a few steps.Turn off the water supply to the lines and relieve the line pressure from the spigots.Using a wrench, disconnect the lines and the drainpipe, and remove any accessories connected to the pipeline.Remove the screws holding the sink in place.Using a hammer, gently tap under the sink to separate it from the countertop.Remove the sink from the waterproof sealant that holds the sink to the countertop and using a putty knife carefully scrap off any excess sealant from the countertop.Using a plier, remove the screws holding the faucet and remove the faucet.Before installing the new sink, make sure it fits properly into the empty space. Do not use smaller ones. If the sink is larger, trim the sides with a jig saw and apply masking tape around to ensure it does not scar the countertop. Apply a sealant around the cut area and place the new sink in position. Install a new faucet if required, and connect back the drain and the water lines before turning the water supply on.

Kitchen Undermount Sinks - Space Savers

Undermount sinks are placed below the countertop levels. Unlike the normal ones, which are mounted on top, these sinks help you easily sweep the dirt and liquids into the sink bowls. The kitchen undermount sinks come in copper, steel, porcelain and granite. It can be cornered to the kitchen to provide more moving and working space, and to leave dirty plates piled up without being easily noticed by others. They are ideal for small kitchens and are easy to maintain. With proper undercoating, there is less sound produced while washing utensils. The drainpipes are also underneath making kitchen undermount sinks an excellent choice for the kitchen.

Undermount Stainless Steel Sinks

Undermount stainless steel sinks are available with single to triple bowls. The best ones are made of certified 304 surgical grade stainless steel. They are scratch and dent resistant, and are durable. They make the kitchen look elegant and blend well with any countertops. A good undermount stainless steel sink costs around $200. Apart from that, stainless steel sink is a healthy choice, as it is not a favorable surface for bacteria to grow.Photo source: flickr.com/theresasthompson/

Written by Simon Harris

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