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Jeffrey Dahmer Biography – The Life of the Notorius Criminal

The sex offender and serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was born on 21st May 1960. He murdered 17 people between 1978 -1991 and he killed all of them in a gruesome way, which includes cannibalism, necrophilia, dismemberment and rape. He was killed in 1994 at Columbia Correctional Institution by an inmate.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Biography - A Cannibal from the Younger Age

Joyce Annette was the mother of Dahmer and his father was Lionel Herbert Dahmer. Jeffrey Dahmer biography starts from West Allis in Wisconsin, his birth place. He was an introvert and showed little interest in hobbies and social interaction. He started cutting apart dead animals in his childhood. He became a drunkard when he was studying in high school. Dahmer’s parents divorced in 1977 when he was studying in The Ohio State University. He discontinued his education due to his disinterest in attending classes. Jeffrey Dahmer biography also revealed that he had served in the Army. But he was thrown out from there in 1981 due to his alcoholism. Dahmer started living with his grandmother in 1982 at West Allis and he lived there for 6 years. However, his grandmother also threw him out from her house due to his strange behaviour, terribly bad smell from his bedroom and his late comings at nights.

Jeffrey Dahmer Crime - Series of Offenses

Criminal behaviour of Jeffrey started from childhood. However Jeffrey Dahmer crime record can be traced officially from 1978 and it continued till he was arrested at last in 1991. He was arrested in 1982 and in 1986 because of his indecent exposure. Since then, he has done a series of offenses such as sexually fondling and drugging a 13 year old boy, and a series of murders. The first murder he committed was in 1978 and he was just 18 years then. When he was alone at home, he offered a drink to Steven Hicks, a hitchhiker. Dahmer killed Hicks with a dumbbell when he refused to have sex with Dahmer. He committed his second murder in 1987, nine years after his first murder. In 1988, he committed two more murders. Jeffrey Dahmer crime record also says that he killed one person every week by 1991.

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims - The Hapless

Steven Hicks was the first murder victim of Jeffrey Dahmer and since then he committed a series of murders and the number of Jeffrey Dahmer victims rose at 17 when he was arrested at last in 1991. Hicks was just 19 years when he was killed by Dahmer. Twenty four years old Steven Tuomi was the second victim of the notorious killer Dahmer. He smashed the chest of Tuomi and tried to tear out his heart. Dahmer killed James Daxtato (14) in 1988 by drugging and strangling. Dahmer removed flesh of James from bones by using acid. Richard Guerrero (23), Anthony Sears (26), Raymond Smith (33), Eddie Smith (27), Ernest Miller (22), David Thomas (23), Curtis Straughter (19), Errol Linsey (19), Tony Hughs (31), Konerak Sinthasomphone (14), Matt Turner (20), Jeremiah Weinberger (23), Oliver Lacy (23) and Joseph Bradehoft (25) were the other Jeffrey Dahmer victims. Dahmer killed all his victims gruesomely. He sexually assaulted his victims before and after killing them. He was also a cannibal so he used to consume their body parts.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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