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Job Hopping – The Search for Greener Pastures

Although lure of a better pay packet attracts everyone, one should consider several factors like stability and security before changing jobs. Most employers do not value people who switch jobs repeatedly tagging them as untrustworthy.


Job Hopping - Alluring New Opportunities

Frequent change of jobs has its share of advantages and drawbacks while some people are into job hopping to find the career that is the best fit, for others the reason can be looking for a more challenging job, enhancing job satisfaction, better work conditions, lack of security at their current job, etc. Some benefits of changing jobs are that it widens your skill set and opens up new learning opportunities, increases contacts, helps in networking, etc. However, considering the employers point of view is important as they have borne the cost of acquisition and development. While hiring, companies would rather bet their money on a person who has committed to them in a long term as against a newcomer who has been job hopping.

Switching Jobs - Some Drawbacks

However, in lure of more money or benefits, one should not forgo stability. Switching jobs can have adverse affects on one’s career like it can make a potential employer think of a person as unreliable, someone who shirks responsibility, incapable of commitment and dedication, unable to meet goals, or having an immature attitude. Also, when one quits a job they miss out on the long term benefits associated with the job like promotion or increase in pay. Although one might acquire new skills by switching jobs, they do not gain exhaustive knowledge about any one particular field affecting their career in the long run.

Job Hopper - Contemplate

Give enough thought before taking up a new job, even though the salary might be better there could be hidden agendas in the new job like no increment, deficient coworker support, substandard work culture, inadequate infrastructure, etc. Also if one has many loans, monthly installments, or debts to pay off then it is better to not test new waters and go for a secure option. Due to the current economic scenario also, job frustration and dissatisfaction has increased making people easily switch jobs. Also, most job hoppers are below age of 35 years. Ideally, it is best to change jobs after spending 4-5 years with one company.

Written by Katherine Murphy

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