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Julius Caesar Biography – A Prominent Figure from the Roman Empire

The Gaius Julius Caesar biography, starting from his birth into a well known patriarch family and going on to become a dictator for life, is a very prominent phase in the history of the ancient Roman Empire that saw him quashing many civil wars and extending the Roman Empire dramatically.

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Julius Caesar Biography - An Immensely Popular Dictator

The earlier parts of Julius Caesar biography comprise of his gradual rise in power status starting as quaestor, aedile, governor and finally senior consul of Rome during, which he confronted several scandals and accusations, but steadily grew in influence and political power. Around 59 BC, he gave up his consul status and helped Pompeii, the great and Marcus Crassus, a rich Roman citizen in the Gallic war. During these campaigns he established himself as a great warrior by conquering more than 800 cities consisting of 200 different tribes and extending the Roman Empire manifolds. After the war he had to wage a civil war against his former allies to gain control of Rome. The later parts of Julius Caesar biography see him as a one man dictator for life of the previously democratic Roman Empire.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar - History’s Turning Point

His assassination on the ides of March, 44 BC, was the tragedy of Julius Caesar, which eventually led to circumstances that heralded the downfall of the Roman Empire. After assuming complete powers Caesar introduced many changes to the political and social structure of the Empire, which earned him the enmity of many prominent political figures of that time. A conspiracy was hatched to eliminate him which included the stoic warrior Brutus, whom Caesar was particularly fond of and trusted immensely. His assassination took place in broad daylight when he was attending the senate and was about to deliver a speech. The tragedy of Julius Caesar prompted Mark Antony to instigate the Roman people against the conspirators, which thereafter took the form of a prolonged civil war.

Julius Caesar Sparknotes - Plot Overview

There are several historical and fictionalized versions of this great Roman leader written throughout the world, the most famous among which remain Shakespeare’s plays. Julius Caesar sparknotes demand a deeper understanding of the overview of the entire plot as the events unfold during the last days leading to his assassination. The moral turpitude of Cassius and Brutus as they commit themselves to the act despite their intimacy with Caesar is an interesting topic of study, which presents conflicts of personal affections and political ambitions. The supreme confidence that Caesar has in his invincibility is illustrated by his mockery of the soothsayer who had warned him against the ides of March aptly describing his character.

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