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Justin Bieber Biography – Life of the Canadian Teenage Singer-Superstar


With the much deserved popularity in hand, Justin Bieber, the newest singing sensation from Canada rose to fame owing to his exceptional singing talents and cute looks. This 16 year old teen idol has two albums to his credit by 2010, and has Usher and Tricky Stewart as mentors.

Justin Bieber Biography - Ascension of a Star

Justin Drew Bieber, was born on March 1, 1994. Being born to young parents, Justin Bieber grew up with his mother, after his parents separated. His talents were hidden from the family and friends as he never advertised it. Justin’s talents were soon discovered by his mother when he was 12 years old. She took many videos of his singing and posted them in YouTube for public view. His agent Scooter Brown accidentally found his videos, who arranged Justin to fly to Georgia to meet Usher. He signed with Raymond Braun Media Group of Usher and a short time later, Justin signed with Island records.Bieber can play guitar, drums, paino, keyboard and trumpets, which are self taught talents. He is being compared to Michael Jackson for his soulful singing, and with Elvis Presley for his looks. With his popularity growing at a fast pace, Justin Bieber biography is soon bound to become the most read biographies online.

Justin Bieber Singing - Fervent and Passionate

In October 2008, Justin Bieber singing began with the album “My World”, where he sang solos and a song with Usher. His first single, One Love, talks of puppy love. He also joined with Usher in singing “First Dance”. He has four singles in the album, all of which reached top 40 in the Billboard Hot 100. Justin is known to sing straight from the heart, which undoubtedly won him millions of fans and recognitions.Justin won numerous awards including the MTV Music Video Award for the Best New Artist in 2010 for his song “Baby”. Justin Bieber singing also won him the recognition of the most searched for celebrity in the internet in July 2010. Hi music video, “Baby” surpassed Lady Gaga’s song “Bad Romance” in being the most viewed YouTube video ever.

Justin Bieber Biography Book - Personal Accounts

Even though quite young to write a memoir, Justin published his short biography book with the name “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever: My Story”, which accounts stories on his world tour and exclusive photos taken during the stage shows and events. The book has an imprinted message from the singer which says “Lots of exclusive photos just for you”. Justin Bieber biography book has 240 pages, and is published by Hapercollins.Photo source:

Written by Katherine Murphy

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  1. Erin McLean said
    Great! when I get older I will love to be like you, Justin Bieber I heart you.
    love you more then I can amagin
  2. Dhian said
    Justin Beiber is a friendly boy and kind!!!!
  3. Cassidy:) said
  4. kellllly(: said
    i just saw your movie and i love the hair flip <3
    he is gorgouess.
    for my birthday next year and christmas combind i wanna meet himmm.
    (: <3
  5. Brittany said
    I love you justin bieber. I wish i could date you! Yes, i have Bieber fever. I will be your fan forever! I wish i could go see hs new movie in 3D, i got tckets but not in 3D!

  6. kayla_bayla said
    omg i loved the movie and now way i am so happy.justin bieber is super hot and talented. so to all the haters find someone new to make fun of not justin bieber. all of the haters against him really want to be him. they are ethier ugly or they dont have a life, or maybe both. haters such!!! so leave justin bieber alone!!!! he is a talented, cute, funny guy. what more can he be?
  7. djellza said
    hey justin i m djellza i from kosova i love you music i love you justin you are my favorites
  8. Kitkat said
  9. Kitkat said
    Hey, I LOVE U JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I so want to meet u 4 my birthday in september. I have most of your stuff at home and I have a song I want you to listen to.....
  10. Evelyin Collins said
    I love you so much and I wish that one day I could meet you
  11. Megan said
    Omg Justin I saw your hot friend Austin Mahone!!!!
  12. dixie said
    megan ur crazy

    p.s. justin beiber is a gay fag
  13. Evelyin Collins said
    I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you and one day I want to be a singer to caz I think I sing good
  14. Evelyin Collins said
    p.s no he's not he rocks!!!!
  15. michelle jean-pierre said
    hi justin bieber my name is michelle and i live in new york city and i love you justin bieber and he my boyfriend only justin bieber can call me ok bye justin bieber only really justin bieber can call me ok bye and i love you
  16. ashley said
    l like your hair justin and you are cute and handsome boy l would be a singer when l grow up
  17. didi said
    woooooooooouuuuuuuu i love justin biber i love so much
  18. Lurdahhh =] said
    Lol =] haha i love him
  19. tori said
    he's f**king HAWT
  20. bello said
    i love justin bieber so much iam he biggest i love him soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo and i will always will
  21. Redrose18chick said
    He sucks so bad and looks and soundslike a little boy.
  22. Redrose18chick said
    he sucks really bad and sounds and looks like a little girl. HE is a wannabe black boy. HE probably sucked ushers dick just to get famous. HE litereally needs to be killed with fire. Or hung from a tree. either way as long as he dies. but he really REALLY needs to be crushed by the lord of the underworld Kutulu. XD. All you little girls so suck a dick.
  23. rosalind harrison said
    I love your music, it just touch e and your the best! im not crazy about you like most gurls who wanna kill selena but i just wanna get to no you more so look me on rosalind harrison or rosalind divaland harrison i got 2 faebooks or myspace rosalind harrison house number 3896355
  24. maelyn said
    y r people sayin so mean stuff about justin sheesh ur all just jealous he gets all the girls luv u justin
  25. maemae said
    luv u justin am a proud beleiber now and forever
  26. kayla said
    i love u
  27. mary joy said
    nice bibliography so inspiring...:)
  28. jonatan said
    i hate u justin bieber
  29. kate said
    thak u jb i love u im doing my essey on u!!!!!
  30. ariba akhter said
    GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! how can someone be so fucking cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  31. preeti parmar said
    i love justin bieber soomuch
    ohmaaan, i wish he was my boyfriend ..
    yummm <3333
    hess sooo hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot !

    hopefully he's my boyfriend in the future, we would look so good together, thats my one and only wish(yn) loveyoujb foever (L)
  32. miyawinx said
    i love u justeen bieber
  33. Jackiee (; said
    Justin Bieber Is The BEST Singer In the universe i lve him sooooo sooooo muchhh!!! He is Sooo Cutee !! Sooo Bckk Of Girlss HES MINNEEE <3
  34. corey said
    I hate u beiber
  35. zara tahir said
    i love u justin bieber forever :)
  36. sana khan said
    ur the best singer after MJ
  37. krystal said
    hmm... well justin bieber has taught me an awesome lesson. to shoot for your dreams and they could come true.:) thank you soo much i hope i meet you some day:))
  38. sarah justin drew bieber trossell said
    i love you jb

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