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Karl Marx Biography – The Pioneer of Marxist Movement

The pioneer of communism theory, Karl Marx irked the governments of Prussia, France and Germany with his radical writings, leading to his ouster from those countries. His legacy was carried forward by daughter Eleanor Marx who played a major role in British labor movement.

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Karl Marx Biography - The Founder of Communism Theory

Karl Marx, hailed as the founder of Marxism was born in 1818 in Trier. His father Hirschel Marx was a lawyer who turned Protestant and altered his name to Heinrich. Karl Marx got admitted in Bonn University for studying law but on his father’s insistence shifted to Berlin University. He was influenced by Bruno Bauer and the latter’s and radical political views and atheism left a lasting impression on Karl Marx’s mind. He was also deeply affected by G.W.F. Hegel’s writings and this phase deserves a special mention in Karl Marx biography. After completing his studies Marx faced difficulty in finding a suitable job. He got a job in The Rhenish Gazette, a Cologne based newspaper. He met a radical named Moses Hess in Cologne who introduced him to the concepts of socialism. This was a crucial part in his life as is indicated in the Karl Marx biography. He tied knot with Jenny von Westphalen, his lady love and shifted to France. He became the editors of the Franco-German Annals. This is when he met Friedrich Engels. His exploration of the Paris working class people strengthened his views of communism. His association with Friedrich Engels proved fruitful for both and paved the way for the legendary communist manifesto.

Karl Marx Communist Manifesto - Revolutionary Composition

The radical political views and anti capitalistic writings of Karl Marx made him leave France and advised by his friend Friedrich Engels, he shifted base to Belgium. After returning from London, where they went to meet and share views with other social leaders and political exiles, Marx and Engels concentrated on writing what came to be known as The Communist Manifesto. Karl Marx communist manifesto had its initial draft prepared by Engels. It was initially named Principles of Communism. The Karl Marx communist manifesto was finished in six weeks. Targeted at a mass audience it focused on the forthcoming revolution as well as the type of an ideal society based on the communist model. The publication of Communist Manifesto in February, 1848 was followed by Marx’s ouster from Belgium by its government.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels - Legendary Political Camaraderie

Karl Marx was greatly influenced by the views of Friedrich Engels whom he met in France for the first time. He was also helped by Engels during the most trying times of his life including the period after marriage. During his stay in Belgium, Marx’s family was helped by Engels. As a result the duo collaborated in their work and Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels friendship gave birth to the communist writings. In fact, when Marx was suffering from extreme poverty, Engels went back to Germany to work and kept sending him money through postal orders. With his help the Marx family survived and Karl Marx lived long enough to write his next stalwart composition, Das Kapital.

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