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Kitchen Color Ideas – Creating Kitchens with Themes

Kitchen color ideas generally follows a rule of 60-30-10 percent split of three shades. The theme chosen decides the color for your kitchen and its cabinets that should blend with your dining furniture. This makes your kitchen a livelier place for cooking and entertainment as well.


Kitchen Color Ideas - Drastically changes the appearance

Certainly, the color of your kitchen as the tone of your bedroom will have an impact on your mood, so care should be taken to choose the right shade. A common idea would be to use complementary tones for your kitchen wall, floor, appliances, crockery, cabinets and your dining furniture. Innovative kitchen color ideas can be incorporated with the regular tones to personalize your kitchen. Best kitchen color ideas can create an illusion of more space in your work place and makes it more appealing. Mostly bright colors are preferred to make your workplace brighter, however lighter shades are also used by some to give a soothing effect. Some of the brighter shades include red, purple, blue, brown and lighter shades are peach, pink and yellow. These colors are usually combined with white, else used as a monochrome.

Kitchen Color Trends - Changes with time

Since time immemorial white has been used to decorate your kitchen, this gives a clean look to your kitchen. The only disadvantage of using monochromatic white color is that it gives a cold look which can be avoided by trying different colors with white. Some of the trendy colors like brown, red, pink, blue, purple, yellow and lavender are used either with white/off-white or with different shades of the same color. Kitchen color trends depend on the created trendy theme like a French country kitchen theme. Contrasting and complementing shades are even widely used today as earlier, hence new kitchen color ideas can only be differentiated with that little bit of creativity. One of the latest kitchen color trends includes shades of peach with dark colored cabinets and brown shade with cream color cabinets.

Kitchen Cabinets Color - Appends the look

Cabinets form the major part of your kitchen and hence the color chosen for it will append the look of your kitchen for sure. The recent trend in the kitchen cabinet color is a matt finished brown or any darker shade. This goes well with any brighter or lighter shade of the wall and the floor. Some people also prefer lighter shades for the cabinets to contrast it with the brighter shade of the wall. Some cabinets are also matched with the dining furniture. Maintaining the same shade for all the cabinets will give a better look than using different shades. This will absolutely make your kitchen more appealing.Photo Source : flickr.com/dodda/

Written by Melanie Gray

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