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Kitchen Floors – Get The Ones that Withstand Wear and Tear

Kitchen floors must be made to coordinate with the theme of the house, especially the kitchen. There are many choices one can choose from in covering the kitchen without having to sacrifice style and durability.


Kitchen Floors - Considerations in Choosing their Material

There are many things to consider in choosing materials that will make kitchen floors lovely and easy on the eyes and budget. One of them is to choose a material that is comfortable to walk on and is not slippery. In a place which is prone to spills, one would want to minimize accidents. Production of noise while treading kitchen floors is also a consideration. Wood is quiet and comfortable to walk on but its durability is dependent on its specie and finish. Adding to the durability of wood is laminate. However, it may be noisy and lacks the warmth of real wood.

Kitchen Floor Plans - Maximizing Space

Designing kitchen floor plans are dependent on one’s lifestyle and the size and shape of the space used as a kitchen. It is also influenced by what rooms or spaces are adjacent to it and what appliances should fit. Moreover, kitchen floor plans should be designed in a way that incorporates what one wants with a perspective on work flow or work zones. A well-designed kitchen may work on the premise of the work triangle where there is ease of movement from the refrigerator to the sink and to the stove. In maximizing space and workflow in the kitchen, an island or peninsula should not interrupt this flow.

Kitchen Floor Tiles - Options

Once one has considered the desire, budget and style of a kitchen, one may opt for kitchen floor tiles. It is advisable to choose tiles that have light or neutral shades to add illumination to the kitchen as well as an illusion of space to a workplace. For those on a shoestring budget, linoleum tiles are a good choice and they are easy to install. They can have a variety of styles, colors and textures which can look like quarry or wood tiles. Easy to maintain ceramic tiles are also durable. They also come in a variety of colors, textures, sizes and shapes. An environment-friendly option would be bamboo tiles.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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