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Lady Gaga Biography – Life of the biggest Singer-Songwriter-Performer Shootingstar

The American pop singer created sensation in the music industry with her numbers and of course her great vocal abilities have helped her gain recognition all across the world. With ardent fans following, she has transformed herself into a living icon.


Lady Gaga Biography - the Making of an Icon

Born in March 1986, Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta became famous by her stage name Lady Gaga. The beginning of Lady Gaga biography talks about her career start as a song writer and how soon she was recognized for her vocal abilities. Her vocal abilities were acknowledged by a very famous singer, Akon and she started working with him for the Kon Live Distribution. Lady Gaga biography reveals that she later on became popular with The Fame, Billboard 200, Poker Face, Just Dance and also won Grammy for the best electronic dance album along with 6 nominations.

Lady Gaga Metal Dress - Awesome or Awful

Lady Gaga metal dress in ‘Bad Romance’ was a reflection of poor taste though it created sensation all over the world. This unique dress is made by Dolce and Gabbana which she wore at numerous occasions. She also wore this dress during her live performance with Jonathan Ross. Resulting from her love of metals, the Lady Gaga metal dress was impressive according to designers. Evoking a mixed reaction from fans it surely goes down in her biography as a bold step in the history of pop music.

Lady Gaga Crossdresser - Public Image

The influence of Glam rock on Lady Gaga cannot be denied, and the same fiery spirit is reflected in her dresses too. She has revolutionized the approach of stage performances of pop music. It is this out-of-the-bag dressing sense that has led to the internet rumors of Lady Gaga as a cross-dresser. The picture of a male model Jo Calderone with striking resemblance with Lady Gaga on Twitter added fuel to the fire, and thus the rumors of being a cross dresser. Though initially rumored to have claimed herself to be a hermaphrodite - a person having the physical genitalia of both sexes - Lady Gaga has dismissed such claims. Often thought to be phenomenal with a great music appeal, the singer has been called "Lady Gaga cross dresser"repeatedly on the internet from her pictures at Glastonbury Festival.Photo source:

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