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Laminate Cabinets – Longlasting and Beautiful Cupboards

Laminate cabinets have been giving tough competition to their wooden counterparts due to their finished look, convenience in everyday handling, and durability. Many are installed in kitchens and painting them is really easy if one is aware of the right process.


Laminate Cabinets - Sturdy and Loads of Designs

The use of laminate veneers to improve look of countertops and cabinets has been increasing and laminate cabinets are in great demand due to a number of reasons like their long life, pleasant façade, and neat look that is retained for a considerably long time as they develop very few scratches and are very easy to clean. Their many varieties are available at different price points but the two basic types are low and high pressure. The low pressure variety tends to split if low quality construction is used while high pressure, though a lot more resistant, is pricey. Other types of laminates are resin-impregnated, vinyl films, and also hot-stamped transfer foils. Laminate cabinets are available in umpteen finishes in either woody, grainy, or glossy forms and can be adorned with an assortment of patterns which come in a range of colors.

Laminate Kitchen Cabinets - Practical

Laminates are very popular for kitchen cabinets and can be installed effortlessly and also updated easily with very little investment. To install laminate kitchen cabinets, first unscrew the cabinet from its mount and uninstalling all hardware like knobs, handles, hinges and even the doors of the cabinets from their configuration. A piece of laminate slightly larger than the surface of the cabinet has to be cut out using a laminate cutter or a sharp knife and then glued onto the surface with a roller. Prune the protruding edges along the sides with a trimmer. It is best to fit in high pressure laminate kitchen cabinets, especially in homes where they are subjected to rough usage.

Painting Laminate Cabinets

No expert help will be needed for painting laminate cabinets, as an enthusiastic artisan or tinkerer can easily do it themselves. It is a good idea to remove the doors and hardware prior to painting, then clean the cabinet thoroughly with a detergent and let it dry. Then rough up the surface with sandpaper or electric sander to ensure that the primer and paint stick adequately to it. Dust off the litter and begin painting the flat surface with a roller and edges with a brush, then allow the wet paint to dry. This is a really cheap and undemanding method of improving the look of such cabinets.

Written by Melanie Gray

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