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Landscape Lighting Design – Choosing the Ideal Illuminations

To effectively make an attractive extension at home, stylish landscape lightings can be installed on various outdoor spaces. Several lighting options may be functional in terms of safety at the same time useful for added aesthetic appeal of the area.

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Landscape Lighting Design - Most Common Illuminating Ideas

One popular landscape lighting design is the safety light which are usually found to give illumination in the deck areas, driveways, and gates at night. Usually, floodlights are preferred for this kind of lighting option since it achieves not just safety by lighting the gates and driveways but could highlight the beauty of the landscape as well. Aside from that, feature lights are excellent picks too especially in areas with exquisite garden flowers and bushes. These panoramic views are made even more dramatic when spot and globe lights are incorporated. Another known landscape lighting design is the guiding light, which is generally employed to give light on walkways thereby preventing accidents as well as in protecting the delicate landscape plants.

Solar Garden Light - Trendy Lighting Options

An effective way to free oneself from the hassles and risks of connecting electrical wiring in the lawn, solar landscape lightings can be employed. Some of these widely held solar garden light options are the foot lamps and spotlights. The latter can be situated outside along the backyard path edges to enhance visibility; hence, ensuring safety, while the former are usually used to light up the yard’s finest features by casting long and dramatic shadows across the area. Another great solar garden light is the ambient lighting, which typically involves the use of large solar light posts in order to shed light on an entire yard especially for evening events.

LED Lighting Design - Function and Benefits

Light-emitting diode or LED landscape lightings offer numerous benefits for its user. Usually, a LED lighting design is incorporated for both decorative and functional purposes since it can efficiently provide enough level of light not just for dramatic effect but for visibility as well. Furthermore, this type of light commonly comes in various colors in order to add interest in the area, and have several styles such as the up-lighting design for ambient illumination, down-lighting for directed lighting from above, and silhouette lighting for added accentuation. One of the known advantages of a LED lighting design is the high-quality outdoor light it provides, which could last for up to three decades. It is also more efficient for about 80 percent more as compared to other outdoor lighting designs; hence, it could let the homeowner save a considerable amount of energy cost.

Written by Lucy King

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