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Levi Strauss Biography – The Man Who Changed the World of Casual Fashion

Levi Strauss, is the man behind the famous brand of denim " Levis Strauss", which was first introduced in 1873. Together with his partner Jacob Davis, Levis produced patented copper riveted denim "waist overalls" now popularly known to every household as Levi's jeans.

Levi Strauss BiographyPHOTO BY LEE AGAS GUANG

Levi Strauss Biography - Genius In The Making

Born to dry goods peddler Hircsch Strauss and second wife Rebecca Hass on February 16, 1829 in Buttenheim, Bavaria, Loeb was youngest in the brood of 7. Levi Strauss biography revealed that after his father’s death in 1845 due to tuberculosis, siblings moved to New York where his half-brothers Jonas and Louis had already pioneered dry-goods “J. Strauss Brother &Co.”, where Loeb in 1850 became known as Levi. In the March of 1853, according to Levi Strauss biography, Levi relocated to San Francisco to establish his business and be the West Coast man of the family’s firm. 1873 was the most important year in Levi Strauss biography,as it was the ear which saw the production of the first Levi’s jeans. Levi left the operation to his nephews by the end of nineteenth century. He remained single throughout his life and died on September 26, 1902.

Levi Strauss & Co - Family Heritage and Brand

From a family business of dry goods came Levi Strauss & Co. under the management of Levi in 1863. The business grew quickly, relocating thrice from one business location to another in a span of thirteen years and in 1866 it transferred to Battery Street. Jacob Davis, a Nevada tailor and frequent customer of the company proposed in 1972 to Levi Strauss that they acquire patent for rivets to strengthen pocket seams and button fly. In 1973, patent was issued to Levi Strauss & Co. for the rivets and double-arc stitch on the back pockets. Demand for the jeans increased and the company expanded further in 1877. A leather tag, “Two Horse Brand” became part of the jeans in 1886 and number “501” in 1890. Over the years, the company experienced growth and decline, controversies and lawsuits, and transfer of management but was able to hold on to legacy and quality.

Levi Strauss Jeans - Beyond Comfort and Style

From durable brown canvas came the beginning of jeans, an idea conceived by Levi Strauss, the man behind the name Levi’s. These pants were originally made for miners in San Francisco, the target clients of Strauss in his dry goods business. From brown canvas which ran out of supply, Strauss then utilized fabric from Nimes in France called Serge de Nimes now known as denim; Levi Strauss jeans was born. In 1939, the product was embraced as a trend and no longer just blue-collar pants and in 1950s, television depicted denim as a symbol of youthfulness and from there, through the years, Levi’s became a famous name for people from different generations.

Written by Lucy King

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