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Lord Byron Biography – The British Poet who Patronized Romanticism

Lord George Gordon Byron is an infamous figure of the 19th century English Literature. Both his poetry and biography attest to the fashion of that great Age of Romanticism.


Lord Byron Biography - Life of a Controversial Poet

Widely condemned by his contemporaries on moral ground, Lord Byron biography still chronicles the life of one of the influential writers of Europe in the great Age of Romanticism. Born on a poorer sector of Aberdeen of Captain John Byron and Catherine Gordon and with a club foot, his circumstances improved after he inherited his great uncle's title and property in 1798. After that he moved on to Dulwich, Harrow and Cambridge. The immoral side of the Lord Byron biography stems from his increasing debts, his bisexual love affairs which are truly scandalous in that 19th century era as well as his suspected incestous relationship with his half-sister Augusta Leigh whom he met in 1802.

Lord Byron Poems - Sentiments of a True Romantic

Hours of Idleness, the first collection of Lord Byron poems, was published in 1807. No enthusiastic reviews accompanied it and Byron was even inclined to answer his critics. However, poetic success came in 1812 after he published Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. In 1814 his Corsair sold 10,000 copies on the first day of publication. Lord Byron poems include other longer poetry such as The Lament of Tasso (1817),The Prophecy of Dante (1819), Don Juan (incomplete on Byron's death in 1824), Mazeppa (1819). Shorter poems include To a Beautiful Quaker (1897), The Cornelian (1807), Lines Addressed to a Young lady (1807), My Soul is dark (1815), When We Two Parted and Loves Last Adieu (1817) and a whole lot more.

Lord Byron Hotel - Poetic Elegance Personified

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Written by Dennis Patterson

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