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Luggage Security – How to Make Sure Your Baggage Lands with You

Taking some measures to affirm your luggage security will ensure a hassle free travel. They range from securing the luggage body, the items carried, and getting your luggage safe on your hands.


Luggage Security - Secure your Baggage and Travel

While you take necessary steps in securing your travel luggage, the airline authorities also take certain measures from their end to provide additional luggage security. Never leave the luggage unattended at the airport. The luggages are labeled at the airport, and the label stub must be kept with you for further verification. Also ensure to keep a note with your contact information, address and flight details inside the luggage. This will help to track your bag if the exterior label is damaged. Tagging the luggage using luggage tags is another option to increase luggage security.Any signs of tampering must be reported immediately to the airport authorities to take necessary action. Apart from that, use a good quality luggage to ensure the luggage can withstand the rough handling of the airport staff. The Travel Sentry locks recognized by the TSA, is a good choice to padlock the luggage using resettable combination locks. The Strap’n locks provided by the TSA feature polypropylene straps secures the luggage and prevent them from accidental opening or objects being placed inside the bags without your knowledge.

Flight Luggage - Travel Light

Flight luggage can be checkin and carryon luggage. Both have different measurement and weight regulations, and vary from airline to airline. They can be wheeled or without wheels. Wheeled flight luggage facilitates easy mobility. Duffle bags and rolling suitcases are great choices as check in flight luggage, wherein backpacks, tote bags or small suitcases are ideal as carryon luggages. Light weight luggages are the most sought after, and are available in various materials and sizes, ranging from polyurethane to plastic.Before setting off on a travel, it is wise to check with the airlines for their policies and guidelines on travel and luggage.

Luggage Regulations - Size and Weight Matters

Luggage regulations are mainly imposed on the luggage dimensions and sizes. The overall dimension of a carryon luggage is not supposed to exceed 45 inches on the sum of length, breadth and height, with the standard luggage dimensions being set to 22x14x9. Any luggage exceeding the luggage regulations are either rejected or imposed fines. Check-in luggage and carryon luggage has varying luggage rules, and must be strictly adhered to. The checkin baggage has less regulations compared to carryon luggage.Photo Source :

Written by Melanie Gray

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