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Luxury Luggage – Globetrotting With Style

Exuding an aura of opulence, luxury luggage stands for durability, timelessness and supreme comfort. Besides making an ostentatious style statement, luxury luggage assures you high quality which is likely to endure the test of time.


Luxury luggage - Cut above the Rest

Luxury luggage is a valuable investment assuring you of a long-lasting service besides being reflective of affluence and a fine personal taste. Albeit the good looks, luggage should be sturdy enough to stand the vagaries of reckless handling during travel. Upmarket luggage is usually iconic of high quality, meticulous craftsmanship and attentive detailing.Available in multiple styles, colors and materials, picking one which is easily identifiable is good idea as it reduces the risk of confusion on crowded luggage carousels. Besides, a good set of luxury luggage is a style statement in itself. In addition, some high-end brands also come out with limited editions, which allow you to purchase exclusive pieces and be proud owners of one-of-a-kind luggage. For business travellers, flaunting luxurious luggage in fine leather creates the right impression besides accommodating all travel needs for off-site meetings and conventions. With rotating wheels, advanced resilience and light weight, luxury luggage is designed keeping ultimate convenience in mind.

Diane Von Furstenberg luggage - Ultimate Luxury

Symbolic of exquisite luxury, Diane Von Furstenberg luggage is a brand toted by the rich and famous for eons now. Offering a chic mélange of American ingenuity and a European essence, Diane Von Furstenberg is world renowned for its tasteful yet practical luggage creations. Coming with a bevy of features like abundant interior pockets, bright nickel/chrome finish hardware, ultra lightweight frames, DVF luggage is also stain and water resistant. Their famous Signature collections like ‘The Amore’, ‘Carrying the Lizard On the Go’, ‘The Sexy Metal’ and ‘The Runway’ seamlessly combine convenience with elements of grace and fashion.

Cute luggage - For Stylish Divas

Cute luggage is a must-have for the style-conscious hip woman. Available in a wide array of limitless designs and colors, this type of luggage stands out in the midst of regular blues and browns and makes it easier for you to claim your luggage. Whether you choose red polka dots, pink hearts or mosaic prints, cute luggage teems with vibrant effervescence which is ideal for children, college girls and young ladies alike. Popular brands for these include Disney Luggage, Olympia Tiffany, Liz Claiborne etc.Photo source:

Written by Melanie Gray

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