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Madam CJ Walker Biography – Woman who Revolutionized the Hair Styling for African-American Women

Madam CJ Walker was an African-American woman in late 19th century who launched a series of hair care products and became a household name due to her entrepreneurial abilities. Her products got her fame and when she died she was the richest African American.


Madam CJ Walker Biography - A Tribute to a Remarkable Entrepreneur

Extracts from Madam CJ Walker biography tell us that she was born amidst throes of poverty in a slave family on 23rd Dec 1967 in Louisiana. She one of the six siblings and her birth-name was Sarah Breedlove. When both her parents died she came to live with her elder sister who had married a man named Powell. Powell was abusive and to escape his torment she married Moses McWilliams at the age of 14 and with whom she had a child three years later whom she named Lelia. Shortly after the birth of her child her husband died and she joined the St. Paul African Episcopal Church and was a regular at the choir. In 1894 Sarah remarried to John Davis. The marriage lasted for seven years and they parted in 1903. In 1906 Sarah met Charles Joseph Walker a newspaper sales agent who became her third husband. Unfortunately this marriage too lasted till 1912.Like most American Sarah suffered from scalp diseases and hair loses. She resolutely wanted to find a cure and started experimenting with home remedies. She found that that application of sulfur can heal most of the hair problems cure which led her to produce her own shampoo and hair ointments which soon after she began selling. She traveled to various states demonstrated he products and even attempted door to door sales. As her popularity grew she established her factory at Indianapolis in 1910 and also started Lelia College to train beauty therapists. She was loved and respected because of her philanthropic contributions for education, childcare, rehabilitation programs and her unflinching efforts to improve living conditions of black women. She gave speeches on political and economic problems at major occasions and she was widely appreciated for her opinions and stands.She breathed her last on May 25th 1919 due to complications from hypertension at an age of 52. Her daughter Lelia stepped into the shoes of her mother and became the proprietor of an million dollar empire that she had left behind. Madam CJ Walker Biography till date provides inspiration to millions of impoverished women striving to curve a respectable life for themselves.

CJ Walker Hair Products - Creating History With Simple Solutions

Back in the late 19th century, most American homes did not have proper central heating facilities. This meant that women could seldom wash their hairs properly leading to infections and scalp problems, which were hard to eradicate. Madam CJ Walker too faced similar problems and to prevent alarming hair loses she began making tinctures from items found at home. Her perseverance paid off when she discovered that sulfur based shampoo can cure scalp disorders. Thus CJ Walker hair products were based principally on sulfur and capsicum extracts. She also made some ointments that can work like magic on scalp infections. These CJ Walker hair products played pivotal role in establishing an empire which was unheard of at that point.

Madam CJ Walker Inventions - Leaving A Mark

Madam CJ Walker Inventions are popular even to this day. The company has revamped the products which even now has very high demand. It now offers a wide range of hair care products which include various types of shampoos and conditioners suitable for different hair types. Ointments for scalp issues, series of hair creams both for men and women made from natural ingredients and rich in Vitamin E provide complete hair care packages.

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