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Marble Design – The Eye Catching Patterns

The stunning decorative structures that can be created using marble designs for various facets of any house make it the preferred material to be used. Marble is currently being employed extensively in bathrooms, kitchens, patios, hallways and even in living rooms to add the touch of elegance.


Marble Design - Traditional Concepts

The use of marble design dates back to several centuries when it was the favourite construction material for creating timeless architectural marvels, which can be found abundantly even today. Traditionally marble concepts were influenced by the local cultural and religious ideas to make archways, statues, walls, staircases, side wall patterns and even large tables for royal families. The inlay work that was characteristic of marble structures was intricate and beautiful depicting floral, mythological, scenic and even animal patterns. Over the centuries these designs have evolved to give way for many new modern ideas that include more clearly defined straight lines that are bold and attractive in a different way. Contemporary marble design can range from floral patterns to more detailed art work by the use of advanced cutting and engraving tools.

Marble Wall - Luxurious Additions

Despite the high cost factor associated with it, the marble wall is a highly sought after addition in affluent homes primarily due to the touch of opulence and sophistication that it adds to the place. These walls can be used on the exteriors as well as the interiors of the house to equally amazing effect. The exterior walls made of marble are usually designed in various shapes that lend it the artistic and decorative appearance. The interiors walls rely more of the engraving and inlay work for elegance. The layered marble wall is also a popular concept that is employed all over the world to add beauty and value to the property.

Marble Floor Designs

The marble floor designs depend more on the color and finish of the stone, rather than the pattern of the layout. The wide variety of colors and textures in marble permit choosing of the exact finish that suits the general decor of the room where it is intended to be employed. Imaginative designs can be created by mixing different colors of the stone plates in a decorative pattern to cover the floor in style. The quartzite pattern in marble is a highly coveted design due to the natural stone appearance of the pattern that is coupled with exquisite modern feel that it accords to the floor. Another aspect of the marble floors is the layout of the different shades in a single design throughout the room, which must be catered for right at the procurement stage.

Written by Dennis Patterson

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