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Marble Sculpture – Elegant Additions to Home Decor

Marble artifacts are one of the most elegant additions to one’s home, and sculptures such as busts and statues in public places have a lifelike texture and thus brings the sculptures to life.


Marble Sculpture - Marvelous Three-Dimensional Artifacts

There are many benefits of buying marble sculpture which makes it suitable to be added to the home decor. Marble is extracted from limestone which, when exposed to high temperature and pressure converts into marble. Marble is thus hard and durable, and it is weather resistant. It has a surface translucency which is like human skin that gives the needed visual depth to a sculpture. The figurative works of marble appears lifelike and only drawback of marble sculpture is you need to be careful while handling it. However, one should not touch the sculpture with oily hands, otherwise, oil will be absorbed into the structure and make the sculpture look yellow brown in color.

Marble Statue - An Artistic Carving

The sculptor can use model in wax or clay or carve directly to design a marble statue. There are many famous statues created by artists in various historical eras. During the renaissance era, the artist Michelangelo used to create statues freely from stone. Toothed chisel is used to create parallel lines on the surface of stone these days. After carving, sweeping strokes are used to get rid of the dust, and a riffler is used to create folding of clothes of the statue. A marble statue is not suitable to be kept in open because it gets easily damaged on coming in contact with environmental pollution and acid rain.

Marble Bust - Masterfully Carved

A bust is a tabletop structure carved from the head to chest or the waistline, and such marble bust structures are found in many museums and parks. The busts made up of marble appear fascinating and realistic. Some of the busts are dressed up in beautiful colorful costumes while a few are white or without clothes. In many sculptures, no other color but marble white is used to depict the clothes and hair. Although there are many different metallic and non-metallic materials used to create sculptures, granite and marble busts of religious figures, authors, composers, political leaders, historical men and women are considered best due to the durability factor.

Written by Lucy King

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