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Master Bedroom Decorating – Ideas for Trendy Master Bedchambers

A well decorated master bedroom can induce romantic feelings even into the most stressed out couples and get back the days of carefree indulgence. With many decorating ideas, the master bedrooms can be converted to the best private space around your home.

Master Bedroom DecoratingPHOTO BY FLICKR.COM/PDSTAHL/

Master Bedroom Decorating - Ideas to Make Style Statements

Master bedroom decorating concepts should be based on the need to create a serene retreat for yourself, where the spirit and body both can be at peace ensuring that you emerge rejuvenated every morning. The master bedroom decorating process is an artistic work that reflects your personal preferences and tastes. There should be a feel of warmth coupled with efficient use of space for comfortable living. Master bedroom decor has to be contemporary in looks and elegant in feel to make that style statement for you. It should be a combination of the right layout of smart furnitures and the best paint tone to go with the rest of it.

Master Bedroom Floor Plans - for Space and Elegance

Master bedroom floor plans need careful consideration to give the freedom of movement in open spaces while retaining the personal warmth of a bedroom. The headboard of your king sized bed should be facing the entry to lend an air of grandeur to the room. All dressers and bureaus can be kept next to the main closet to earmark the dressing and make up area.Master bedroom floor plan should include the right placement of smaller furnitures like the peg table or bedside lamps where in they are used without interfering with the movement space. Too much of seating arrangements in the master bedroom becomes clumsy and inconvenient. The layout may include a few green plants to enhance the feeling of freshness.

Master Bedroom Paint to Create Perfect Ambience

The master bedroom paint is its key to the final ambiance that will emerge. The paint while being complimentary to the lighting and the furnishings of the room must also cater to need for subdued outlook which goes best for a bedroom. Gaudy floral designs can spoil the feel. Best colors for the master bedroom will be dull yellow, lilac, gray or even maroon. A great idea would be to try out dull yellow combined with a black crystal chandelier on top supplemented by couple of neatly placed wall sconces to give a magical effect to the room.Photo Source : flickr.com/pdstahl/

Written by Lucy King

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  1. shasha said
    interesting, providing new ideas for me and make my bedroom to be perfect. I will try to imitate him. thanks
  2. biji.ravindran said
    Wow! That was really creative!

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