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Michael Schumacher Biography – The Seven Time Formula One World Champion

Michael Schumacher, the master of the Formula One car racing track has recorded several dramatic wins in his career. The biography of the star, gives a glimpse to his rise to the stardom from a very humble beginning.

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Michael Schumacher Biography - Fascinating Life on Wheels

Michael Schumacher is regarded as one of the stalwarts in fiercely competitive Formula One car racing segment and he holds the record of being one of the topmost paid athletes worldwide. He was born in Germany’s Hurth on January 3, 1969. Contrary to some of the elite Formula one race participants, Michael Schumacher was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Michael Schumacher biography astonishes the readers with his tale of meteoric rise to extraordinary superstardom in the glamorous world of formula one racing. His humble origins seem a thing of the past when he travels to the race venues in private jet. The annual earning of this ace Formula 1 driver equals approximately $80 million. Ralf, his younger brother is also a Formula 1 driver in the Williams-BMW team. His career started in Germany’s go-kart circuits. He won German junior go-kart championship in 1984 and three years later won the European Kart champion. Michael Schumacher Biography is replete with the astounding tales of his dramatic wins in the F1 races year after year. He made his debut in F1 racing in Belgium Grand Prix and was soon absorbed by the Benetton team. His win in the 1994 world championship consolidated his position in F1 racing. He repeated the same feat in 1995.

Formula 1 Schumacher - Race with Adrenaline Rush

Michael Schumacher made a name in Formula 1 racing for his astonishingly smooth driving style and control on race track. Formula 1 Schumacher events become a memorable watch for the way he handles the curves in those tension filled moments. However, he confessed in an interview that driving on wet tracks makes him feel uneasy, given the fact that he crashed under such conditions twice in his career. His third world championship win took place in Italy, the homeland of Ferrari. It was an absolutely emotional win for Formula 1 Schumacher. He repeated the success again in 2001. In 2001 and 2002 he made a number of records and broke several others. He smashed the record of Alan Prost and finished in top three positions in all races of 2002, which was another record.

Michael Schumacher Mercedes - Association of Giants

Michael Schumacher, who has won the Formula One world championship 7 times in his prolific career, has tied up with Mercedes for the 2011 season. He is pretty upbeat about this alliance. In 2010, his comeback raised many eyebrows though. Before that he took a three year long sabbatical from F1 racing, which led many people to predict the end of his racing career. He said in an interview in March 2011 that since Mercedes is a British team, he will need time to get set with it. Michael Schumacher Mercedes association which started in 2010, led to mixed reactions in the racing industry but the racer himself is unfazed by the speculations.

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