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Mini Dental Implants – Helping to Stabilize Your Dentures

With the advent of mini dental implantation technique, the typical cost of dental treatment has been reduced to half. The cost of the treatment however varies, depending upon diverse factors like age, seriousness of the condition, type of implant, etc.

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Mini Dental Implants - Advantage of the Treatment

When compared with the traditional implants, mini dental implants are almost half the original size and do not require much bone. This remarkable feature makes it possible to implant mini dentures with the available bone. The procedure also, does not require expensive treatments like bone grafting, bone expansion, surgical procedures, etc. Placing mini dental implants is noninvasive. A small pilot section is used to create an opening for the implant that will be threaded into the bone. This method heals fast, and the patient has fewer discomforts in the mouth. The whole gum gap is pushed backwards, and the bone is removed with a series of burs, to make space for the dental implant. The procedure not only secures the loose dentures but also preserves the left over bones, as the bones melt away without the teeth roots. The implants also stimulate the bone like the original teeth root.

Dental Implant Cost - Affordable Dental Cost

The mini dental implant cost is comparatively much less than the conventional denture surgery which includes complex surgical procedures. As the implant act as a replacement for tooth root, multiple implants can be done on the bone. Titanium is commonly chosen as it is harmless to the human body and easily fuses with the bone in a short period. This is one of the common reasons for mini implants becoming immensely popular recently. The actual cost of mini dental implantation may vary depending upon the treatment needed by the patient. The cost may vary from $1500 to $3000. You can also avail dental insurance. The dental implant cost outside USA can be around 30% to 60% less compared to the procedure done in the country. Mexico, Salvador and Costa Rica, are some of the qualified places for carrying out low cost implantations.

Dental Implants Procedure - Better Alternative

One of the latest technologies in dentures is mini dental implants procedure which takes only an hour. The size of the implant ranges from 1.8 mm to 2.9 mm depending upon the size requirement of the patient. During the procedure, the patient is sedated. A unique drill is used to form a gap for the implant. On an average, six implants can be fixed on the bone at a time. Each tiny implant is held by a tiny driver that slot in the mini implant, which acts as a screw driver. Following this, a winged wrench is used to tighten the implant. A ratchet wrench rigidly places the implant into place, which ensures that the implant is fixed precisely. In some cases, retro fitting of the dentures are done, and is recommended only when there is an alteration in the patient’s oral wellbeing. The recovery time is fast, and in this case it takes about one to three months for complete recovery.

Written by Simon Harris

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