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Modern Couch – A Revolutionized Trend in Seating Options

Sleek, comfortable, and refined is the style for modern sofas which come in innovative shapes and attractive hues. For luxurious homes, the plush designer varieties are sought after while models with a robust built are just right for pools, patios, and gardens.


Modern Couch - Streamlined and Ergonomic

A lean built featuring angular edges and straight clean lines are elementary features of a modern couch. Symmetry is important and thus the body of the sofa should have a well defined geometric shape like boxes with erect lines or patterns incorporating curvatures. A minimal look and compact size is common with the exception of the oversized slouchy couches. Vinyl, plastic, metal, wood especially molded plywood can be used to make the frame, which is usually hidden with sizeable cozy mattresses. Reflective surfaces with a smooth finish with comfortable soft fabrics like textiles, leather, suede, etc., are typical. Common styles for a modern couch can be retro, modernist, art deco and contemporary.

Outdoor Couch - Hard Wearing

For the open air, sofa styles that can resist weather conditions and require minimal maintenance are perfect. An outdoor couch can be made from plastic, wrought iron, hard wood, aluminum, wicker, synthetic weaves, rattan, vinyl, etc. Wood is generally tougher to clean and one should pick varieties that can withstand conditions outside like wooden furniture that has been has been painted with a special protective coat. Simple designs made from plywood boards or weaves are quite popular. Plastic and vinyl are easier to clean whereas aluminum and wrought iron are very long lasting. English or French designs are common and choose removable slipcovers for an outdoor couch.

Designer Couch - Stylish

Most modern designs in sofas have a low back support that can be either curved or straight. Small rectangular arms and barely visible legs are a norm while some styles come without armrests altogether. They can have features like back recliners and elongated surface forming a small bed for leg support. Sectional sofas that cover two or even three sides of the wall can be both straight and curved. Ones featuring curvatures can be in shape of an arch, semi circle or even an S figure. White, coffee, russet, beige, or ivory are colors for a classic designer couch while new age vibrant hues are purple, orange or red and a shimmery façade of metallic tints like gold, silver, or bronze is perfect for loud audacious homes.

Written by Jerry Fulton

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