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Modern Dining Furniture – Adding Style to Your Dining Areas

Furniture with clean lines, vivid hues and a compact or regular size is apt for a modern décor that is minimal and uncluttered. Most tables and chairs are made of wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

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Modern Dining Furniture - Regular Sizes and Sleek Look

For dining rooms, furniture should have a regular or compact size and a bare look with clean lines to make surroundings look minimal. Clean and solid colors that can be light and muted like white, ivory, cream or dark and vivid like red, cobalt blue, lime green are apt for modern dining furniture. Keep walls mostly nude with an abstract painting or two hung on them. Ideas for display spaces are floating shelves and boxed frames in either a square or diagonal shape. Coordinate colors and materials for the furniture with cabinets, hutches, shelves in the kitchen and adjoining spaces. Classic Italian designs are becoming a huge favorite and most of the modern dining furniture is made from wood, fiber glass, tempered glass, plastic, etc.

Modern Dining Tables - Practical

Rectangle, square, round, and oval - the traditional favorites shapes are used in modern dining tables also and ones with glass tops are sought after. Most have a seating capacity of about four to six and such pieces are a good fit for compact spaces. Formal dining tables are however larger seating twelve or even greater number of people. Fresh flowers with tall stalks jutting out of a vase, bouquets of wild flowers or grass, glass bottles containing colorful pickles, scented candles, fruits in a ceramic or metal bowl especially ones in contrasting hues like red, green and yellow make excellent centerpieces. Cloth or bamboo mats and runners on modern dining tables should be monochromatic or bear simple prints.

Modern Dining Chairs

Chair with curves or geometric accents bearing a creative twist but not ornate designs are the best choice for modern spaces. Slightly curved backs look great while the ones having an oval or round back with a low height appear distinctive. For compact spaces, pick ones without arms and straight lines forming a back and seating area or even bar stools instead of chairs. Most modern dining chairs have tints of white, cream, or brown and the cushioned seating can be of leather or textiles. All chairs have a smooth finish and sometime legs can be made from contrasting materials like chrome, metal or fiber glass while top half is wooden or of vinyl.

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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