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Modern Kitchen Design – Trendy Concepts for the Modern Homes

Unlike the conventional kitchens, modern kitchens are great treats to the eyes, and are always extremely functional and aesthetic. With convenience and functionality taking priority, there is still no compromise for any of the appealing factors in the most modern kitchen designs.


Modern Kitchen Design - Contemporary Designs of Taste and Warmth

Basically constructed with comfort and aesthetic in mind, modern kitchen designs portray a blend of geometric figures, where each corner is utilized to accommodate cupboards, refrigerators, sinks, or even a cooking range. Based on personal preferences, the modern kitchens can be constructed. A few things that add more to the effect of a modern kitchen are wooden floors, modular kitchen furniture, themed colors, white soft lights with modern lamps, not forgetting to provide enough windows to let natural light in. Another aspect that is fascinating about the modern kitchen designs is the blend of cooking and the dining areas in one space, some even combine a family living space with the kitchen.The modern kitchen designs vary enormously and a few of the most sought after designs are the Italian kitchen design, European kitchen design, island kitchen design, modular kitchen design, one wall design, the corridor design, L shaped design, and U shaped design. The modular kitchen perfects the idea of a modern kitchen, with the availability of multiple shelves and cabinets to store utensils and appliances in separate sections. Open shelves must strictly be avoided if you are looking for a modern kitchen. European, Italian, French, and Tuscan kitchens are a few of the most popular themed kitchen designs.

Italian Kitchen Design - Kitchens that Add to the Luxuries

With minimalistic features, the Italian kitchens cater to all your cooking needs, in addition to the elegant and aesthetic appearance they bring forth. Mainly constructed with color themes in mind, bold colors like deep red and blue, and chrome, black, white and rustic shades are used to decorate Italian kitchens. The primary cookware used in Italian kitchen designs are glassware or chinaware, and decorative bottles are used to store herbs and oils. Marble countertops and wooden floorings give more aesthetic to the overall look of the kitchen. The spotlight of the Italian kitchen designs are the use of lights under the cabinets making it easier to do the kitchen chores, like cutting vegetables at ease, with proper lighting.

Kitchen Island Plans - Designs that Stand Apart

Island kitchens are the most favored among the coeval households, as they ease the better arrangement of kitchen appliances and increase the cooking spaces, with its centered design. The kitchen island plans are ideal for big kitchens, where there is still enough space to keep an island, in addition to the counter space, and the spaces consumed by the kitchen appliances, furniture, cabinets, sink or any other items that occupy the floor space of the kitchen. Decide on an area where there is still enough space to move around, after placing the island. Those with limited spaces inside the kitchen can opt for a different arrangement with an island placed between the living room and the kitchen, not separated by a wall. This acts as a partition between the kitchen and the living area, and is one of the most popular kitchen island plans sought after these days.Appropriate lighting on top of the islands are essential. The side walls of the islands can be accommodated with electric switches to connect kitchen appliances. Chairs can be arranged around the island to form a private dining area. You can also choose the islands with drawers and shelves to store items. Perfectly laminated wooden islands with an elegant countertop provide a grant look to the kitchen. The wood and the countertops must match with the main kitchen countertop and the wood used. For outdoor island kitchen plans, choose islands that blend with the outdoor furniture.Photo Source : flickr.com/kitchendesigner/

Written by Nelly Kendrick

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    Gees, I like the picture of the kitchen a lot. It is very neat and trim and efficient and warm. Really, I would take it in our home in a heart beat!

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