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Money Order Verification – Feel Safe throughout the Financial Transfer Process

With the increase of money order scams, verifying a money order is highly essential. As every agency or bank has efficient systems of money order verification, a few steps will help you find out the status of the money order, and to check if it is real or fake.


Money Order Verification - to Ensure Safe Transactions

Money order, can be purchased from banks, post offices or convenience stores, and can be verified from the same places. For money order verification, you will have to keep the original receipt received during the purchase of money order. To check the status of the money order, call the agency from which the money order was purchased and provide them with the information like the money order’s number, and the amount for which the money order was purchased. The agency’s number can be found in the proof-of-purchase stub or the transaction slip.It you suspect you are a victim of money order scam, contact the agency from where the order was placed, who will look for threads, watermarks, and thermochromic features that help identify a real or fake money order. Once identified as fake, the agency will advise you as to what to do to report the money order scam.Postal money order verification can be done by calling the toll free number 1-866-459-7822. For postal money order frauds, call the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 1-877-876-2455.

MoneyGram Verification - Dissuade Fraudulent Access

MoneyGram verification works almost the same way as money order. You can call money gram’s verification line at 1-800-542-3490, which offers a 24-hour automated status checking line. They will inform the status of the transaction and investigate whether the money was received, upon providing them the transaction number and the exact amount that you transferred.To deter fraudulent approaches by scammers, MoneyGram agents like Western Union, have various agent monitoring programs to verify the authenticity of the agents and the MoneyGrams purchased through them. In addition, MoneyGram verification can also be done online, from the respective MoneyGram agent's website, by providing the reference number. In cases where the status show the money is received, and the receiver still claims the money has not yet reached, the same can be investigated at the respective MoneyGram office for a status check.

Walmart Verification - More Secure Transactions

Money transfer can also be done through MoneyGram kiosks at Wal-Mart. For a Walmart verification, provide the transaction number to track the status. To verify the legitimacy of the transfer, Walmart has certain facilities to track down the scammer. Walmart, however, requests customers to send moneygrams only after verifying the receiver’s name and address, or to send only if you know the receiver, be it for sending money or making payments for a purchase made online. However, none of these payments are 100% traceable.The receiver can also check the authenticity of a Walmart Moneygram, by contacting the respective Walmart office.Photo source:

Written by Jerry Fulton

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